The IKEA of haircare – REF

Sweden, the country that gave us the Volvo, meatballs, Britt Ekland, of course the flat pack phenomena that is Ikea and who could forget Abba. Well as a way of apologising for Abba’s drunken Karaoke classic Dancing Queen, the Swedes are now giving us REF for Men, a simple, fuss-free, high-quality haircare.

REF promises a comprehensive collection of essentials for every type of hair possible, which makes choosing the right products easy with a number reference system that means you can’t go wrong. Pick the right product and codes and ta dah !
Perfect hair every time.

Using the simple REFerence system(see what they did there), consumers can assess each product on four key criteria; Hold, Shine, Volume and Care on a scale of 0-5. The salon formula range is designed to help consumers and salon professionals identify the most suitable products for their hair type in a reliable, no nonsense way.

Key ingredients in the product range include;

  • Tamanu Oil is a vital component in REF products, thanks to its’ natural ability to improve firmness and smoothness.  This aromatic nut oil, originally from the South Pacific, ensures damaged scalps are healed and hair remains healthy.
  • Silk Proteins are an integral ingredient in many REF products. The structural protein found in silk, discovered to strengthen and restore hair back to health, improves elasticity and coats hair to prevent splitting. As a result hair becomes stronger, shinier and easier to manage.

The range is formulated to meet the demands of male consumers looking for convenience as well as quality. The simple, masculine scent reflects the up to date ethos of the REF brand, creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and able to perform to a high level, just like those pesky Swedes.



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