I wish it would Rain – Ideal wet weather attire

The Winter of 2013/14 will be pretty much remembered for its weather, not only did we see the town of Hell Freeze over in Michigan, USA , but it will also go down in history as the wettest season we’ve ever seen, since records began. At some point over the last few weeks/months, you must have got soaked to the skin and so it got us to thinking about ways we can help you beloved reader keeping that dapper exterior and keep the drowned rat look totally at bay.  So here are a couple of the better water resistant apparel money can buy.

SWIMS, the Norwegian waterproof specialists, have introduced the Luca Sneaker, a comfortable shoe, featuring a myriad of fabric technology to tackle any weather condition including waterfriendly materials and breathable nylon all with an unmistakeable SWIMS edge.

This brilliant British Woodland Camouflage City Gent Umbrella with Malacca Wood handle and Beech Wood shaft by London Undercover, not only will keep you dry in the event of a downpour but will ensure your stylish stakes are maintained in the urban jungle.

The story of K-Way began in Paris, 1965. Leon-Claude Duhamel observed, one rainy day, attentively as people rush about in soaking wet clothing.  It was this this very day that K-Way was born: a lightweight, completely waterproof jacket that can be folded away into a small hip bag.

This great compact Gents Umbrella from Marks & Spencer is ideal for throwing into your bag and forgetting about it right until you really it. Plus at the price it is, if like me, during the recent London Collections:Men where I managed to lose three, yes three, umbrellas over three days, it isn’t the end of the world.

There is nothing worse then having important stuff in your bag, you know vital documents, your mobile ohhh and maybe your lunch and you get caught out in a deluge ! No one like wet documents but even more nobody likes soggy sandwiches. Well Watershed have the answer for you, used by the likes of the US Military, their bags are completely  watertight, so ensuring soggy sandwiches are a thing of the past. Ohhh and your documents stay safe and dry.

We couldn’t cover wet weather gear, without mentioning the next brand as Mackintosh and their ever essential raincoats are to rainy day what fish is to chips. The traditional Mackintosh or Mac as it’s commonly worked its way into our language as, celebrates it’s 190th anniversary this year. Wonder how many people can thank Mackintosh for keeping them dry over the years ?


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    the shoes are awesome , great description by the way.

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