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With the world of e-commerce and on-line shopping becoming more overcrowded than Oxford Street on Christmas Eve, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and get your message across to the poor, old, oversaturated consumer.

One website that has achieved this holy grail in its native France is Rad. Rad company was established in July 2012 in Paris by the quartet of David Smadja, Anthony Serero, Simon Amzalag and Julia Serero, as an international online product discovery platform that hosts the latest trends in urban fashion.

Defining their point of difference to the congested, populous of other websites. They work with different artists from around the globe who create exclusive designs that they host and sell on their website. Their focus is on hipster clothes and accessories and likens itself to the online equivalent of Urban Outfitters. With a great sense of humour, some might say a little unusual for a French website, but certain not Clothes-Make-the-Man, Rad definitely have their tongue firmly placed in their cheek when it comes to the themes for their product selection. Hipster Churchill, Baron Von C3P0 and out of character glimpses of the Hulk, Wonder Woman and Batman & Robin, this is website, not only worth checking out but for bearing in mind for more thoughtful and slightly off the wall gift ideas for the season to be jolly.

Having recently expanded into the UK and Germany and the aim is to hit the U.S. within two years, Rad have some really rather Rad-ical plans ahead for themselves.


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