7 Essential tips for an extra close Shave by Pankhurst Barbershop

Yes it’s time to get back to the office and put those plans you dreamed up while on a sun lounger in action. Holiday season is over, for the moment, so we need to get back to the grind,  knuckle down and trim that shaggy summer mane. We sort the advice of some real experts in the male grooming business at Pankhurst, who’s luxury barbershop, in the centre of London, is a haven to masculinity.  We spoke to the guys and asked them to give us the real lowdown on how to take a close shave every day. So to get your ball rolling, here are their seven top tips on achieving the best results with the closest of shaves.

1. Get your bathroom hot and steamy (it opens the pores)

2. Use a shaving brush (it exfoliates and stands your bristles on end)

3. Use a shaving dish and work up a good lather (it’s half the shave)

4. Use a good, heavy, clean razor (the cleaner it is, the closer the shave)

5. Go with the grain, then against it (for a super close shave)

6. Apply ice cold water to the face (it closes the pores)

7. Moisturise (just do it, caveman)


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