Get your Freak on – Diadora X Sneaker Freaker


Sneaker Freaker have come a long way since their launch in Summer, well their Winter, 2002. The iconic Antipodean trainer bible, now translates its triannual issues into Spanish, German and Russian plus is sold in over 50 countries worldwide and I’m sure it’s founder Simon Woods no longer needs to worry about receiving free sneakers anymore.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the publication, heritage Sportwear brand, Diadora has collaborated with the renowned sneaker magazine with the “Taipan” version of an iconic Diadora Sportswear shoe: the V7000.
Sneaker Freaker’s creative take on the Diadora V7000 is inspired by the taipan, a deadly Australian snake. Sandy suede, olive nubuck, reactive 3M hits and venomous violet highlights are a rugged package.

The midsoles are boldly blazed with a gradient mid-foot fade and the debossed ‘snakeskin’ paneling provides extra reptile chic. Another unique twist is the custom branding. Sneaker Freaker reworked Diadora’s classic tongue design, adding the ‘Taipan’ project logo and a golden serpent slithering across the black suede, which replaces the usual Diadora ‘squiggle’.

Flip the shoes over and bold pink fangs mark the V7000’s sole. Custom Taipan packaging represents the stylish touch of this memorable partnership.


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