Welcome to the Family- Aramis adds to its top to toe grooming regime

Ever since its launch back in 1964, Aramis has prided itself on being the fragrance that expresses all a man is. Classic, yet distinctly masculine, this warm woody fragrance and grooming collection have for over 50 years been ‘first among men’. Pioneered the prestige men’s grooming market with exclusive fragrances and skin care products for men. It was the first-ever men’s scent to be sold in department stores. Over the years, it has given birth to the successful Gentleman Collection and Lab Series for Men lines, but the original classic still enjoys a dedicated following today and is sold in more than 120 countries and territories worldwide.

Aramis has continued to attract new fans with each generation with an assortment of grooming products custom-made for men only. This year sees, Aramis introduces two new additions to complete its top to toe regime and complement such projects as its 24hr Reactivating Antiperspirant Spray, Advanced Moisturising After Shave Balm and Protein Enriched Thickening Shampoo. These are the Aramis Deodorising Body Spray and Aramis Enriched Lather Shave. The body sprays offers all day protection against odour for the man that’s on the go. Of course with the scent of Aramis in an all-over deodorising body spray featuring the sophisticated blend of leather, sage and sandalwood. Spray Aramis EDT on top for a longer lasting effect. The Enriched Lather Shave is a modern texture transforms into a rich & enveloping lather; effectively cleansing impurities for a refreshed and clean feel, while providing a dense cushion, for ease of shaving all with the light classic Aramis scent.


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