Keep it clean with Below the Belt Grooming Range

Not all men are great at giving themselves the tlc they deserve. Below the Belt Grooming range mildly formulated skincare products freshen, refresh and protect – bringing out the best in you, without disguising your manliness, shall we say.

The trinity of brains behind this range have a highly worthy marketing and health & beauty pedigree. First up Jonathan Durden
co founded the award winning and much sort after media group PHD (Pattison Horswell Durden) and has advised a mixed bag of commodities ranging from ITV and Digital Cinema Media, to boxer Chris Eubank.

Secondly, Geoff Percy led Smith and Nephew in 2000 to create a Beauty business that was later rebranded as Simple Health and Beauty. During his tenure Simple became the UK’s leading an fastest growing skincare brand. Finally, Graham Lynch-Staunton has worked within the beauty industry for 25 years, within Private, PLC and Private Equity Environments and has worked across almost all beauty categories and could arguably be called the ‘founder of the dry shampoo category’ having taken Batiste from a small brand worth £400k in 2001 to an international market leading brand with a value of £40m in 2011.

However, Below the Belt’s range isn’t purely about preventing Betty Swollocks, our nether regions are a hot bed of breeding for bacteria and possibly infection. The ingredients and formulation of the products in this range actively work to protect you and prevent such nasties from taking ahold.

Such hero products with the range include, INSTANT CLEAN BALLS, sorry, what? I hear you cry in unison. So if you tend to go out straight from work or ware going a festival or facing a long commute home, this product will cleanse, helping to kill bacteria and odour. There’s no need for a shower, it is instantly absorbed and effective, yeah I know amazeballs, so to say.

Then we have FRESH & DRY BALLS. Now if you use antiperspirant you should be using this gel to ensure you stays dry and comfortable, errr down below. Its gentle formula is absorbed quickly and leaves a dusting of talc in all the right places. Unperfumed, it uses only essential oils.

Lastly, if you run, climb, cycle, plays football or partake in any sporting activity where you works up a bit of sweat. You need to check out SPORTS LUBRICANT, this smooth, non-drag product will prevent chafing or unnecessary discomfort.


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