So you Wanna be a Boxer – British Boxers Underwear

We all think at one time or another, do you know what, that’s it, I’ve had enough, I’m gonna tell him to stick his job and I’m gonna start my own business, then he’ll see, he’ll be sorry. I’ll show them, shaking your heroic fist in the air! Then we have a cuppa o’ tea and a chocolate hob nob and we seem to calm down for a while. But Deborah Price, didn’t, she followed through on her dream and left her highly successful and well paid job, in the middle of one of the worse recessions of modern times and launched British Boxers.

So why Boxer Shorts ? Well there’s a great little twist to the story here, the reason why boxer shorts were chosen as the first product to launch and why the beautiful packaging for the aforementioned boxers actually feature Deborah’s great great great grandfather Jem Mace who was arguably the first world heavyweight boxing champion in 1870, see very clever. The story of Jem’s amazing life is told on the lovely litho-printed boxes, so if you wanna learn more you’ll have to buy a pair and you can read more into Jem’s amazingly fantastically interesting life. But to whet your appetite Jem wed three times and during his colourful and hectic life owned not only a hotel but also a Circus !!!!

Deborah told us, “Bringing back British manufacturing, telling the story on the British Boxers packaging of an ancestor who had his own battles to fight (albeit literal ones), using stunning fabrics and working professionally with so many friends who helped to bring the whole project together has been a brilliant experience.” 

A Revolubetion in Shaving – King of Shaves NEW Hyperglide Razor

After four long and hard years of research, long into the night and development. Will King, founder of King of Shaves, is proud to announce the creation of a razor that implements something called superhydrophilic or super water loving to you and me, advanced technology on the cartridge’s entire shaving surface to create its own shaving gel so users can just simply add eater and shave, YES SHAVE AND GO, if you so like.

This truly amazing innovation was originally developed by a UK University for use in the medical industry, to aid in they easy insertion of catheters into arteries with minimal invasive friction.

King says of this revolutionary or Revolubetion as he likes to call it, “Launching Hyperglide is aniPhone moment for us. Competitor razors require shave prep – gel, foam or cream – to deliver a comfortable and close shave whereas with Hyperglide, water does the hard work.We pioneer the new – ‘just add water and shave’. Its taken four years and £5m investment to develop and perfect this technology, which is a genuine shaving first.’

Plus with a premium, luxury, limited edition version n the pipeline, watch this space….

Now without sounding like Ronnie Corbett, perched on the edge of his 1970’s leather armchair, wearing his gerrish Pringle Golf sweater. “A funny thing happened to me on the way to work”, well not quite work but, just before Christmas myself & Mrs Mc attended a wonderful Winter Wedding in deepest, Darkest Cheshire. I know, where is this story going, I know but basically, I forgot to pack any shaving foam but had packed this product, the all new King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor and I can testify, it not only works but works blindingly well, no shaving rash, itching or redness and all without the use of Shaving foam.


Milano Moda Uomo (Milan Menswear Shows AW14)

 Ciao Ragazzi ! we follow on from the splendiferous LC:M of last week with what hopes to be equally captivating and awe inspiring Milano Moda Uomo. Unlike London the colour palette of our stylish Italian cousins seems to be of a more somber and some might say commercial and seasonally appropriate nature, that is apart from Prada, Versace ohhh and the Brit Dame Vivienne Westwood, more on that later folks.

First off  on our whistle stop round up on the Italian style capital is Ermenegildo Zegna, capably helmed by ex YSL Creative Director, Stefano Pilati, who was inspired by the fusion of City and Nature on a global scale. The city-scapes of New York, Shanghai or Milan where Zegna suits are common place, the mixing of casual elements with the formal cuts which Zegna has made its name in.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna

On a more ROCKIER tip was John Varvatos, who despite worked with  Black, Navy or white was channelling a very Glam rock vibe which culminated in Kings of Glam Rock “KISS” yes Kiss coming out to take a bow with the man himself.

Crazy, crazy night with John Varvatos(far right, just in case)

Crazy, crazy night with John Varvatos(far right, just in case)

Now over to a Dolce & Gabbana, who always love a theme for their shows and boy do they know how to put on a show ! Literally all we needed was good King Goffrey sat frow (front row, God get with it) giving his Royal approval to complete this Medieval Merriment. The duo paid homage to everything of this epoch and ensured more Game of Thrones then Spamalot.

Gotta say I loved the D&G balaclava, there I said it

Gotta say I loved the D&G balaclava, there I said it

And so from the King of ROCK dressing to what has to be the Queen of dressing Rock Stars, Donnatella Versace, who was in a Wild, Wild West mood, I think can only sum it up. No one could ever accuse Ms Versace of not having a sense of humour which is often lost in the Fashion industry, where people take themselves far too serious. 

Just off down the corner shop, does anyone want anything ? Yes, this was one of the more conservative looks.

Just off down the corner shop, does anyone want anything ? Yes, this was one of the more conservative looks.

Italo Zucchelli for Calvin Klein, drew on the Urban Explorer trend we are seeing rather a lot of this season, but also explored the heritage that made Calvin Klein so iconic using the names of three of their timeless fragrances in, Obsession, Eternity(my personal fave) and Escape to be emblazoned across some of its sweatshirts.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Now we all know I hate to start off on a negative and sorry for that Prada, but what was that soundtrack all about ? I needed some heavy duty Mexican painkillers for the headache after I left ! And have to say it did interfere with the enjoyment of the show, which was my favourite Prada collection of recent years. Trademark signature colours, which so shouldn’t work but so do, lil military detailing and a move away from that skinny-Malinke silhouette.



Penultimately we have the first show from Marc Jacobs since he parted company with Louis Vuitton to concentrate on his signature line. This is a man who knows a thing or two about Fashion design and this collection has to be one of his most commercial and wearable to date. Take away the styling details of the turn ups etc this a collection that every man with a modicum of taste will LOVE, honestly, I promise.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Ahhh and once again we reach the end of our non stop tour of some of the biggest names in men’s style and what better way to finish then with an Italian Super brand synonymous with style, class and excellent taste, of course, Gucci. While watching this show I couldn’t help thinking of two inspirations throughout it, firstly, obviously Frida Gianinni was draw towards the influences of London’s Swinging Sixties of Carnaby Street and the Beatles but secondly and somewhat more obscurely was the Hovis boy of the TV ad fame, sorry I know but couldn’t stop referring to him.


By'eck son it's None other then Gucci

By’eck son it’s None other then Gucci

Watches to WATCH out for by Charlotte Adams

In the past couple of months, new watches have been released but three have really stood out from the crowd.

3. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore LeBron James limited edition
Last year Audemars Piguet announced LeBron James, a professional American basketball player, as their new brand ambassador. To honour this announcement, and LeBron James, they have developed a new 600 piece limited edition dedicated to him.

 Like LeBron James, the size of the watch is large with a 18-carat rose gold 44m diameter case. Not only is the case large, the bezel is made from titanium- lightweight titanium so it isn’t heavy on the wrist. The dial is also has a grey “Méga Tapisserie” pattern which gives it an edge and makes it appear like metal. To give this watch a softer touch, diamonds are also set on a push-piece at the side of the case at the 2 o’clock mark.

2. TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer edition

Yet another watch made for dedication purposes, this new TAG Heuer celebrates the 80th birthday of TAG’s chairman Jack Heuer. The design has elements from Formula One and Jack Heuer’s coat of arms and signature are imprinted onto the sapphire crystal case back. Through the sapphire crystal case back the 39-jewel Calibre 1887 movement can be seen, a movement that vibrates 28,800 times per hour and has a 50-hour power reserve.

 1.Bremont Codebreaker

Released only this month, Bremont have a new limited edition watch. Only 240 steel versions have been made and there are 50 rose gold versions.

One of the most interesting watches released in 2013, the watch’s movement is made from pieces of Enigma machines from World War II that were used to decipher secret German codes. The serial number on the case of each watch is made from original punch cards which we used to analyse the coded date from the Enigma machines.

To find out more about the Codebreaker, watch this video:

Harder wearing then a Tasmanian Devil – Blundstone Boots

Back in early 90’s, there was nothing I loved more then my Blundstone Boots, ahhhh we were inseparable, although the stell toe caps did cause me a couple of enter problems with the door staff of one or two of Manchester’s choicer nightspots.

So when the press release recently landed into my inbox, it induced a lil trip down memory lane for yours truly. Now, Since 1870, the Tasmanian brand Blundstone have been creating the toughest, no – nonsense footwear for work and play. Known worldwide for its iconic elastic – sided boots, their range offers casual boots for men and women, lace up safety and heavy industrial footwear, perfect for a night out in the haçienda.
With ongoing research and development activity the brand seeks to improve comfort, protection, performance and aesthetics to match the great fit and value for money on offer. Blundstone are also committed to policies around sustainable development and focus on maximizing the use of recycled and recyclable materials through their manufacturing and packaging, along with minimising the use of raw material, chemicals and fossil fuels.