In a class of its own – TOPMAN LUX

Way back in November of last year, I viewed this collect at the Spring/Summer 2013 preview and I homed in on it like a style seeking missile, BOOM ! It stood out like a lighthouse saying come and look at me, I’m great and so true it was, once again,  TOPMAN have gone and done it. If you read my review of LC:M in January you’ll know I was delightfully surprised at how luxurious next season’s collection was. But almost as a precursor, the brand have launched a stand alone collection for this season  under the name TOPMAN LUX. Lux is all about creating that super luxurious, elegant evening look with an edge through the use of modern shapes, high end fabrics, and a sophisticated feel and finish.

The overall silhouette of the collection is long and elegant in proportion while trims and fine details are luxurious in treatment and feature throughout the collection. Beautiful super 120’s Mohair wools and brilliant blue cobalt colours feature heavily in suiting. Knitwear is seen in navy, and Lux in it’s use of fine lightweight yarn and finishing. This comes in the form of a crew neck jumper and high sheen bold coloured crew neck knitted t-shirts.

Key pieces in the collection include a must have full length stone mac, a black leather bomber and a black leather biker jacket make for a timeless jacket collection and the range is completed with basket weave high top trainers, a basket weave document holder and a backpack in sumptuous black, mmmmmm nice.

A fusion of East meets West – Woolrich X NANAMICA

Spring, Spring what you mean that far off distant memory ? I really don’t care if John Kettley, the weatherman, is telling me Spring is officially here, someone need to first tell the weather that. Its baltic and the heating is on full wack at Clothes-Make-the-Man HQ, still ! With this in mind this lil international collaboration not only caught my attention, but also gave me a nice, warm feeling.

The highly desired casual wear brand, specific known for their brilliantly insulating Parkas, Woolrich have teamed up with the equally minded Japanese brand NAMAMICA. They have designed 2 new versions of the traditional mountain parka in 60/40 nylon available in a total black version with contrasting gold zip, and a two-tone electric blue version with orange shouldering and personalized label. The jackets have been made in limited numbers and will be sold exclusively in the London Woolrich store and NANAMICA stores in Japan.

The Nanamica takes “utility” and “sports” as key words, bringing together experts in casual and sportswear and import items, seeking to bring products that makes everyday lives happy, comfortable and stylish. Their limited edition products created in collaboration with authentic sports brands and select items are selected according to the Nanamica ideal of what sport and work style should be. Embodying their aim to bring unique and special items that are beyond trends and can be used for a considerable period of time.Holding dear the principle of buying things that last.










Lab Series PRO LS ALL-IN-ONE FACE TREATMENT. One product and you’re done !


Can this be true, are the good folk in the white lab jackets, over at Lab Series now trying to tell us we only now need one grooming product ? So your actually offering us simple, fast, effective skincare, without the fuss all in one easy bottle ????? In the words of the Sean Ryder, God rest her soul, Kirsty MacColl and the other toe rag members of the Happy Mondays, in their 1989 Hit, HALLELUJAH ! 

“Some men only want one product to remember to apply to their skin after shaving but have several skin issues to address,” says Shaunda Swackhamer, Vice President, Product Development for Lab Series Skincare for Men. “The Lab Series PRO LS ALL-IN-ONE FACE TREATMENT provides multiple benefits in one easy to use formula that you can use after shaving or take on the go for whenever you’re feeling dry or shiny.” 

In fact, from Lab Series research they found that the advanced post-shave lotion offers four skin solutions in one patent-pending, proven formula:

  1. Razor burn? 93% felt immediate soothing
  2. Skin tightness? 99% felt instant moisturisation
  3. Anti-Aging? 88% saw the look of lines and wrinkles minimised
  4. Oily skin? 93% saw shine control
So how have those geeks managed the impossible, just one product, and you’re done ???? Well, according to their information its not easy and has taken great research. The product contains two key ingredients –

MPD-8 Complex — A unique technology that soothes and calms the look of skin irritation. Consists of ingredients such as Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Juice, Rosemary Extract and Spike Moss Extract.

I-Matte — Absorbent powders form to provide instant shine control for a matte finish. A combination of Methymethacrylate Crosspolymer and Nylon-12 immediately absorbs oil and removes the appearance of shine for a clean look while also working to control oil throughout the day.

So fellas, what more can I say, the proof is in the pudding, so to say and the only thing you can do is go out and buy it and let us know what you think.



When is a White T-shirt not just a White T-Shirt ? The Selfridges ‘NO NOISE’ White T-shirt

The famous Selfridges Main Window

The answer to, When is a White T-shirt not just a White T-Shirt ? Well, basically when it’s a Selfridges exclusive Designer T-shirt as part of their ‘NO NOISE’ initiative. No Noise centres around the re-launch of its legendary Silence Room, first created by the store’s visionary founder, Harry Gordon Selfridge, Yes him of the hugely successful Sunday night drama on ITV, in 1909. The new Silence Room presents a fresh take on the original model but with the same purpose: providing an oasis of quiet for those eager to take uno momento to pause and switch off from the hard toil of retail therapy. Designed by renowned architect Alex Cochrane, famed for his work on amongst other projects Sotheby’s and Heathrow Airport. This serene space will be created to encourage a mental detox and visitors will be asked to leave shoes, mobile phones and 21st century distractions at the door, how very zen.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the period drama, Mr Selfridge, the aforementioned retail maverick was known for not only revolutionising the way we shopped but turned the experience from a necessity into very much a leisure pass time and experience within itself. In the purist spirit of No Noise, six leading international fashion brands(Dries van Noten, Jonathan Saunders, Raf Simons, Paul Smith, Marni and Hunter Gather) have created limited- edition men’s white t-shirts – each with unique design details, such as Dries van Noten’s season-defining camo print and a bold embossed ‘X’ on Raf Simons’ style, making them covetable collector’s items.


Dries van Noten


Hunter Gather

Paul Smith






Be proud of your smalls – Hamilton & Hare

The dilemma for a everyday men of what underwear to put on is pretty much a very simple one, the brands on offer to him, now thats a different kettle of fish although. But the design of the aforementioned undergarments are simple;

1) Briefs or a variation on it

2) Y-fronts or a varition on it

3) Trunk style or a varition on it

4) The Boxer Short……

Until now the Boxer Short was a humble simple design, that was until Olivia Francis while at work at the huge Global Creative Agency M&C Saatchi stumbled upon the notion that there seems to be a gap in mens underwear, sorry couldn’t resist that one. Now I know what you’re thinking,  a WOMAN ! What does SHE know about MENS underwear. Well, despite not being able to wear them herself, but with an all important female perspective on the matter, she is adamant about the importance of men’s underwear and is really passionate about bringing inspiration and new thinking to the category. Olivia felt no-one was thinking about underwear as something you really wanted to buy but only as a functional, replacement piece of clothing. She set out with a new approach to treat underwear as outerwear, to consider it an important part of an outfit and treat it with the respect and attention it truly deserves.

 introduces a range of slimline tailored boxer shorts that combine Savile Row tailoring and attention to detail previously not seen in the industry.  From the mother of pearl buttons to the slimming cut, these are underwear to be seen and seen in.

The boxers are unique in their slimline tailored cut, sized by trouser waist size for a more accurate fit. Working with an experienced Savile Row tailor, a menswear designer, who formally working with Raf Simons: Hamilton & Hare have produced a seriously comfortable pair of boxers that sit perfectly under an outfit but look equally sharp in their own right.