North Face’s vintage vibes!

Words by Isaac Perry

With temperatures being very low, too low for our liking the only thing which we can recommend is wrapping up, then wrapping up even more so! But where can you find a beautiful jacket which keeps you toasty in the process? Well North face as we all know is one of the most recognised brands from around the world keeping people warm from pole to pole, but not only are they known for their ability to provide warmth but are also seen throughout the fashion community as a key piece to have any winter.

In 1989 North face released it first Rage collection and this was purely based around the snowboarding culture of that time, this was incredibly vibrant and had a rebellious edge which allowed them standout whilst being able withstand some of the harshest sporting conditions in the world as well as wipeouts and crashes! The re-birth of the Rage collection has kicked 2019 off with a bang for North Face as recently it been dominating the streetwear scene and this only cements that statement even more! We have been discussing up and coming trends for 2019 and feel that North Face has absolutely hit the nail on the head with this recent collection as it consists of everything from vibrant colours, patterns and designs.

The collection consists of so many wearable, must-have pieces, but the two standouts for us are the ‘NORTH FACE 92 RAGE FLEECE CREW SWEAT’ and the ‘MEN’S ’92 RETRO RAGE RAIN JACKET’. The North Face 92 Rage fleece crew sweat offers those ultimate vintage 90’s vibe with the Aztec patterning making you stand out from the crowd as well as being that perfect piece for layering this winter. As well as this piece the 92 retro rage rain jacket is a standout for us as it offers that classic rain jacket silhouette however bright and bold colours which will make you stand out in the up & coming cold times!

Enjoy shopping!

The Affordable Alternative

Words by Daniel Ramsdale-Harris

Breaking down the designer items we crave with the all-important cheaper options that won’t leave us with that dent in our bank accounts! This IS the fashion holy grail.

Why spend hundreds of pounds on luxurious goods when you can find the more affordable alternative? We’ve all been asked this question, right? Don’t get me wrong, we are all lured in and excited by the status of owning your Gucci’s, Givenchy’s and Prada’s, as well as their undoubted high quality. Buying these items however take a big hit on the bank balance, so we at ClothesMakeTheMan are on the hunt for that like for like alternative that may catch you by surprise, and please you on the eye.



Balenciaga VS The Kooples?

The checked ‘shacket’ is gaining fast popularity amongst the generation z and millennial audience after being spotted on both American rappers Kanye West and Travis Scott.  The Balenciaga padded flannel shirt comes in at a steep £1275 but has been a best seller for the French brand over the last month.

The alternative? French fashion retailer The Kooples, who provide an oversized flannel in almost an identical colourway, whilst still remaining a streetwear edge with the oversized cut.



Acne Studios VS Mennace?

Swedish label Acne Studios can be accredited with the ‘collar logo’ trend that has now been widely adopted by fashion conscious consumers and repurposed by many other brands.

The silhouette is built in with relaxed capabilities, accompanied with their signature logo, whilst it’s minimal outlook reflects the brands Scandinavian roots. Acne’s tee is priced at £149 however, leaving consumers to either go with authenticity in trend setters and status, or adopt a fast fashion alternative at a fraction of the price.

This leads us on to fast fashion menswear brand Mennace, who have adopted the Acne look, but with a slight change in the contrasting colour at the neck. However, they are providing a potentially huge saving of £125, depending on that all-important decision you decide to make.

Let us know in the comments which choices you’d go for?


For over 110 years, Gillette has delivered precision technology through its product performance – impacting the lives of over 750 million men around the world. From shaving and body grooming, to skin care and sweat protection, Gillette offers a wide variety of products including razors, shave gel, skin care, after shaves, antiperspirants, deodorants and body wash. Phew and ensuring it’s not Ph-eew. 

Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive, its latest product innovation specifically designed to stop the irritation many men with sensitive skin experience. The innovative razor places a breakthrough SkinGuard bar positioned between two of Gillette’s best blades to gently smooth and flatten the skin away, taking the pressure off the blades during the shave. This gives guys with sensitive skin a comfortable shave without the irritation. With research certified by the British Skin Foundation (BSF), Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive is clinically proven to stop shaving irritation, allowing all men to have a comfortable shave, taking the pressure off to help them look and feel their best.

A survey commissioned by Gillette through an independent market research firm found that one in three (33%) British men consider themselves to have sensitive facial skin, with almost half of men (49%) saying dryness and redness (46%) were the biggest indicators of sensitive skin.

Gillette’s new range addresses the problem of shaving irritation through revolutionary design innovation. Of the UK men with sensitive skin surveyed, half (50%) reported using hot water to shave, but only 12% found this method effective at reducing the effects of sensitive skin while shaving. Similarly, two in five (44%) of these men have tried shaving less often to try and reduce the irritation they suffer due to their sensitive skin, with just under one quarter (23%) finding this practice most effective.

“Irritation, stinging, redness and burning are commonly encountered by some male patients during and after they’ve shaved. Often referred to as ‘sensitive skin’, this problem can have a significant negative impact both physically and emotionally. Self-confidence is affected with some men thinking there is no solution” says Dr Walayat Hussain, Consultant Dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson. 

“It’s great that Gillette has addressed this important issue by introducing the SkinGuard Sensitive razor and that the research behind the product has been recognised by the British Skin Foundation.”

The SkinGuard comb is positioned between Gillette’s sharpest blades with Gillette’s most advanced coatings for low cutting force. Due to the blades’ position, hair is only pulled and cut up to 2x in each stroke, which reduces tug and pull. Many multi-blade razors use each blade to gently tug the hair outside the follicle, trimming each hair in rapid succession while they remain extended. Once the blades pass and the hair retracts, it has been trimmed below the surface of the skin. This kind of close shave is optimal for many men, but for others can contribute to skin irritation or a propensity for ingrown hairs. Traditional single-blade razors tug and pull at the hair and can put substantial pressure on the skin. Furthermore, while single-blade razors trim hair at the surface of the skin, they can still cause excess friction with the skin as the blade passes at a sharp angle. Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive works differently. 

The Pride of South Shields come together to celebrate a very special Birthday !

The Great British Heritage and Lifestyle Fashion Brand, Barbour celebrates it’s 125th anniversary in 2019, a significant milestone in the company’s history. A fifth generation family owned brand the 125th anniversary celebrates the Barbour family who have nurtured guided And lead the company from small beginnings in 1894 when John Barbour set up his first store in South Shields in the North-East of England supplying Mariners with oilskins to the global lifestyle brand it is today.

To mark the start of this milestone and great achievement year, the brand has launched the Icons Re-engineered collection, a limited edition range of iconic jackets for both men and women that have featured large in the history of Barbour. The collection was displayed for the first time at Barbour’s presentation during London Fashion Week Mens in the incredible setting of Lancaster House. Each Icons Re-engineered piece is inspired by a legendary jacket from the archive that reflects a significant period in the company’s history, updated into a contemporary style steeped in Barbour heritage, relevant for today. All of the jackets take the distinctive Dress Gordon lining popular in Barbour jackets in the 1980s and each comes with a collectable 125th anniversary pin. 

In support of Barbour’s 125th anniversary, a five minute brand film has been created by the Ridley-Scott creative group and previewed at this seasonal presentation. To coincide with the brand film and the 125th anniversary, Barbour has also collaborated with South Shields born legendary film director and producer on a directors jacket for both men and women.

Featuring detailed finishes requested by Sir Ridley,  himself, together with input from his son, Luke Scott, CEO of the Ridley-Scott creative group the Director’s jacket has a military style collar and roll away hood. In true Barbour style this jacket has hand warmer pockets with additional features such as offside pockets to hold keys and a signature script lower pocket to accommodate an A4 script. Key details on the jacket include, anti-glare zips and studs designed to avoid attracting attention on film sets. An inner detachable quilt for extra warmth gives the option for the jacket to be worn across all seasons. The back label on all of the jackets features a bird illustration drawn personally by by Sir Ridley himself and two of the studs on the jacket features this unique design. 

Paul Wilkinson, Global Marketing and Commercial Director,  Barber said, “2019 is a very important year for us, as we celebrate our 125th and five generations of the Barbour family. We are proud to launch the Icons Re-engineered collection at LFWM- it offers an authentic contemporary take on design classics from the archives. We are thrilled to be working with Sir Ridley-Scott on this exciting brand film and the directors jackets to mark our anniversary. Barbour and Sir Ridley are probably two of the most well-known names to come out of South Shields and in our 125th year, we are delighted that we have been able to collaborate together and celebrate our shared birthplace “.

5 Ways to stop Personal issues impacting your Work Life

To be a successful in business, you need to be able to separate your work life from your personal life. While this is easier said than done, bringing personal issues into the office can have a major impact on how you handle your business and can be detrimental to your company.

Known as ‘The Man Whisperer’, Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz is a personal development consultant who employs a wide variety of unique techniques, which aims to get to the heart of any man’s issues, whether it be with wealth embarrassment or the inevitable mid-life crisis. Kenny employs unique tools to empower men, allowing them to transform their lives. With that in mind, Kenny offers us his top 5 tips to stop your personal issues impacting your business.

1. Get aware – if you suspect that your personal issues may be impacting your business acumen, it’s important that you pinpoint the issues in order to address them. Ask for trusted feedback and gain clarity on how to shift such issues. They say a business is an extension of its owner’s issues, so dig in and turn both around.

2. Look for repetitive scripts – are there relationships within your business that are mirroring the issues you have at home? Are you used to being walked all over and taken advantage of? Does the blame always land at your door? Does everyone hand their power over to you and avoid responsibility? Get to know the bigger picture, repetitive patterns and distracting dramas and break the spell.

3. Look for the source – once you have identified what your issues are, you’d be wise to trace them back and find the root of the problem. Were you betrayed in the past feel you still can’t trust anyone? Do you fear abandonment? Follow current feelings back to their source and tackle issues at their root.

4. Get present – leave the past in the past and respond to situations in hand with current calm, rather than past trauma, pressure and panic. List the sources of these scripts and burn them on a fire, making space for new communications, collaboration and more favorable outcomes.

5. Give yourself space – as you treat yourself differently, your core beliefs will change, and life will bring new opportunities. Give yourself space for growth in both your personal and professional life and don’t suppress your feelings and beliefs. Don’t sell out on yourself. As always, never be afraid of seeking professional help that will empower you to sustainably walk your own path.