The best of Both Worlds -Thom Sweeney launch Made of Measure Denim Service

Rather than being the one individual, as the name suggests, Thom Sweeney, comprises of the collective know how of both Thom Whiddett and Luke Sweeney. Whiddett cut his teeth as a cutter and Sweeney headed up the made to measure for British Tailoring supremo Timothy Everest.

Now with an enviable client roaster including Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Gandy, Michael Fassbender to name a few and having created quite the name for themselves in the notoriously tricky tailoring game. The dynamic duo have turned their hand to introducing a luxurious made-to-measure denim jeans programme, to compliment its bespoke tailoring and ready-to-wear collection.

The house is offering a comprehensive made-to- measure service, to allow customers to order their perfect pair of jeans, cut to a unique set of measurements and made in Italy. The service mixes Thom Sweeney’s signature attention to quality with Thom and Luke’s understated, wearable design philosophy.

Each pair of made-to-measure jeans is fully customisable, from a modern tapered fit to a classic bootcut jean, low-rise or high rise, with contrast or plain stitched seams. It’s even possible to request embroidered initials on your jeans’ ticket pocket, in either contrasting or matching thread.

On visiting any of Thom Sweeney’s stores, customers will be asked to try on a pair of fitting jeans, to asses their size and help determine the design of their own pair. Thom Sweeney’s team will then take up to seven measurements to ensure a perfect, fully customised fit. Clients will then be guided carefully through the design process; exploring which denim from the programme’s extensive range of fabrics is best suited to their requirements.

The choice of made-to-measure fabrics is comprehensive. Clients will have access to dozens of the finest denims in the world. Thom and Luke have worked closely with a select group of weavers from across the globe to bring customers everything from luxury mid-weight denim with a soft handle, woven by Candiani in Italy, to superior Japanese selvedge denim from Kukori Mills in Japan, or even rigid raw denim from the historic White Oak mill in the United States.

The collection offers a choice of both rigid and stretch denims, in elegant shades of indigo, mid-blue, black and white. Every cloth is woven on vintage shuttle looms to ensure uncompromising quality and an authentic handle. Rigid raw denims are unwashed, and soften over time with wear – allowing the jeans to develop a unique patina for a worn-in look. Stretch denims are softer, and mould to the wearer’s frame over time for superior comfort and fit.

As well as a range of raw indigo dyed denims, Thom Sweeney is offering a choice of nine different washes for clients to choose from, helping customers to create jeans that range from smart to relaxed, to fill different wardrobe gaps. Each wash is applied to high-quality medium- weight denims from Candiani, perfect for year-round wear. These fabrics are woven in an authentic three-by-one twill for maximum durability and style. Whether a subtle, modern-looking denim, or pale vintage-inspired wash, the made-to-measure denim programme caters to each and every customer.

The BEST Sun Protection products on the Market !!!!

According to dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology, most cases of skin cancer can be prevented by protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The best way to do this, they say, is by seeking shade, wearing protective clothing and applying a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. However, in a recent survey, the AAD found that not everyone is applying their sunscreen correctly — leaving people vulnerable to dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

“Sunscreen is a vital tool in the fight against skin cancer, including melanoma, the deadliest form,” says dermatologist Tanya Kormeili, MD, FAAD. “However, in a recent survey, the AAD found that only about a third of The respondents are reapplying their sunscreen every two hours while outside. Since sunscreen wears off, incorrect usage leaves you unprotected and susceptible to skin cancer.”

To help the public protect their skin and reduce their risk of skin cancer, Dr. Kormeili shares five common sunscreen mistakes and how to avoid them:

1 Ignoring the label. There are a variety of sunscreens on the market. To effectively protect yourself from the sun, the AAD recommends looking for sunscreens that are broad-spectrum, water-resistant and have an SPF of 30 or higher.

2 Using too little. Most people only apply 25-50% of the recommended amount of sunscreen. However, to fully cover their body, most adults need about one ounce of sunscreen – or enough to fill a shot glass. Apply enough sunscreen to cover all skin that isn’t covered by clothing. Apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before going outdoors, and reapply every two hours while outdoors or after swimming or sweating.

3 Applying only in sunny weather. Alarmingly, the AAD found that only about 20% of Americans use sunscreen on cloudy days. However, the sun emits harmful UV rays all year long. Even on cloudy days, up to 80% of UV rays can penetrate your skin. To protect your skin and reduce your risk of skin cancer, apply sunscreen every time you are outside, even on cloudy days.

4 Using an old bottle. The FDA requires that all sunscreens retain their original strength for at least three years. Throw out your sunscreen if it’s expired or you’re unsure how long you’ve had it. In the future, if you buy a sunscreen that lacks an expiration date, write the purchase date directly on the bottle so that you know when to toss it out.

5 Relying solely on sunscreen. Since no sunscreen can block 100% of the sun’s UV rays, it’s also important to seek shade and wear protective clothing, including a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt, pants, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses with UV protection.

In addition to this we have we have selected specific for you a collection of the BEST Sun protection products around.

Marks & Spencer are a trusted brand name and particularly when it comes to Safe Tanning and Suncare protection. Not only are these products Made in Great Britain, Extra water resistant, they offer both Ultra UVA and Max UVB – according to EU maximum label recommendations. Plus they are Not tested on animals BUAV approved and are made in Eco-Factory.

The NEW Clarins High Performance Sun Care, with 10 new protective formulas with only high level SPF 30 and SPF 50+ protection for face and body, and 2 new After Sun formulas integrating the latest technological and botanical advances uncovered by Clarins Laboratories, to protect and preserve the skin.

Next up a new product from the World’s No1 Sun Care Brand combining highly effective UVA and UVB protection and offers extra water resistance. Nivea Sun Protection with it is a fast absorbing non-sticky formula that makes applying suncream easy instead of wasting time preparing for fun in the Sun it starts immediately with the application of sunscreen

Clinique‘s SPF 30 Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream includes Clinique’s Solar Smart+ technology, a blend of antioxidant + barrier repair ingredients and sunscreens that help to strengthen and repair skin’s moisture barrier, while providing high-level, broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB. By forming a protective shield on skin, this formula helps to prevent against premature ageing caused by sun exposure. Formulated to be non- acnegenic, non-photoallergenic, and non-phototoxic, NEW Clinique SPF 30 Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream is dermatologist-tested and suitable for all skin types.

Fancy a taste of the Australian dream – and what better way than with a beautiful golden tan? Bondi Sands formulas are designed to give you a flawless tan that’s so natural it’ll leave you looking like you’ve spent two weeks at Bondi Beach. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Argan Oil, our self tanning products keep you bronzed for longer. And, their signature Coconut scent captures that carefree summer feeling.

Since the 1970s, Bioderma has acquired a unique expertise in skincare and is recommended by Dermatologists worldwide. Bioderma’s sun care range is for everyone. With very high protection (SPF 50+, which blocks 98% of UVB rays), the Photoderm Max collection contains several options for face and body, as well as a Spray and Mousse for children that is adapted to their delicate skin.

A great facial sunscreen for all skin types that prevents sun-induced hyperpigmentation. Effectively reduces the appearance of dark spots and prevents their re-appearance. Eucerin’s Advanced Spectral Technology offers high factor UVA/UVB protection and HEVIS light defense. The sunscreen also supports skin’s own DNA repair mechanism

P20’s easy, no fuss iconic once a day formula provides up to 10 hours protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Now that doesn’t mean you are immutable to the sun’s harmful rays or burning, it’s long lasting formula provides broad spectrum photostable protection. It combines UVA filters (to safe-guard against premature signs of ageing) and UVB filters (to protect the skin from harmful burning rays) that do not break down when exposed to sunlight and heat. This means P20’s level of protection, which is active 15 minutes after application, remains effective for up to 10 hours. P20 is also clinically proven to be very water resistant, the highest classification. But remember it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now we couldn’t finish without offering you a solution, just in case you do over do that Sun. M&S’s Sun Smart After Sun Face Mask is formulated to deliver instant benefits to delicate sun parched skin. This light easily absorbed, refreshing face mask features a soothing moisture complex, with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and shea butter, helping to hydrate and nourish sun exposed skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and smooth; whilst helping to minimise peeling to prolong your tan.

Hot in the City – 6 of the best Moisturisers with SPF

OK, so I think we are safe to say Summer is finally here, Lighter evening, outdoor drinking, bbq’s, ahhhh you feel more relaxed already. However, all that outdoor activity doesn’t come without its faults and pitfalls, primarily Sun protection.

Sun Protection isn’t just for fair skinned people like my poor self, it’s something everyone has to consider, no matter what your skin tone or ethnicity.

An estimated 9,500 people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer every day, yet many people will put themselves at greater risk for skin cancer over the upcoming hot weather. New data from the American Academy of Dermatology reveals that while most People will use sun protection at the beach or pool, many won’t use sun protection when enjoying other outdoor activities such as jogging or cycling, or even on their daily commute, ultimately increasing their risk for skin cancer. With this is mind we have selected 6 of the Best Daily Moisturisers with a good SPF.

Formulated for men’s skin, ’ multi protection sunscreen is the ideal face guard, offering high level sun and anti-pollution protection in a lightweight, oil-free and water-resistant texture. Designed to help fight against sun damage and everyday aggressors, which can cause premature ageing, it’s the ideal ally when you’re in the city or doing outdoor activities.

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50 intensely moisturises skin while keeping it well protected from the damaging effects of sun exposure that often leads to dark spots and wrinkles. Oil-free, this innovative formula utilises a high level of sun filters Mexory SX and Mexoryl XI to provide skin with effective UVA and UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen protection

’s Prisma Protect is a light-activated moisturiser. This master multitasker uses powerful antioxidant technology to help protect skin against all of the free- radicals, pollution and environmental aggressors that our skin is forced to face every day. Plus, skin is kept hydrated throughout the day thanks to advanced moisture magnets, so skin is left protected. What’s more, breakthrough antioxidant technology shields against pollution and sage extract helps maintain an even skin tone for a naturally beautiful complexion.

For Men Super Energizer SPF 40 Moisturiser. This not only offers great high Sun protection, This product awakens fatigued skin and provides non-stop energy by supplying skin with energy-boosting ingredients like Creatine,Adenosine Phosphate, and Caffeine and brightening optics.

’s limited edition Winter Soleil collection is designed with global travel in mind. It’s little wonder then why this Face Protector promotes high SPF 50 UV protection technology. Infused with antioxidants and anti-irritants, it’s designed to illuminate the complexion without the sun’s rays. This lightweight formula can be applied when needed on the face and body.

is a hydrating, hardworking moisturiser with SPF 15, providing comprehensive sun protection, great for the summer months.  Including shea butter to moisturise the skin as well as a subtle hint of mint to refresh plus SPF to protect. Complete in a 50ml durable, hand luggage friendly bottle, making travelling easy


Dressed to Kill – Hawes & Curtis X The Mousetrap

Who doesn’t love a good ‘Whodunit’ ? Now, surely there certainly isn’t any better example then the, literally, legendary Agatha Christie’s murder mystery The Mousetrap !

Currently playing at St.Martins Theatre, London, but first seen in Nottingham in 1952 starring Richard Attenborough and his wife Sheila Sim, The Mousetrapwent on to become the world’s longest running stage production following its West End transfer to The Ambassadors in 1952 and St Martins in 1973 where it has continued to thrill audiences, including myself, ever since, continuing a record-breaking run with over 27,500 performances in London so far. The Mousetraphas been delighting audiences for 67 years and the identity of the murderer remains theatre’s best kept secret.

To celebrate this illustrious landmark British heritage brand Hawes & Curtis has proudly announced that it is the official tailor to Agatha Christie’s Classic. Hawes & Curtis is dressing cast members in its famous Jermyn Street shirts, suits, blazers, blouses and accessories. The cast currently includes Lynette Edwards as Mrs Boyle, Dan Burton as Giles Ralston, Paul Ridley as Major Metcalf, Alan Magor as Detective-Sargent Trotter, Sean Patterson as Mr Paravicini, Sam Heron as Christopher Wren, Mary Galloway as Miss Casewell and Haley Flaherty as Mollie Ralston. However, this isn’t a one off as the brand counts distinguished clients through its doors, including the Duke of Windsor, Lord Mountbatten and Fred Astaire

To celebrate this partnership, Hawes & Curtis has created a limited edition collection inspired by The Mousetrapwhich is sold exclusively online and at the St Martin’s Theatre. The collection consists of silk pocket squares, cufflinks and lapel pins featuring bespoke prints and designs.

Hawes & Curtis CEO Touker Suleyman said: “It is an honour to be the official tailor to the longest running West End production. This partnership truly resonates with our customers and it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate our British heritage. We are very keen to support the British creative industry.”

The producers of The Mousetrap, Adam Spiegel and Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen said: “We are delighted to be partnered with Hawes & Curtis who, like The Mousetrap, share an extraordinary British heritage. We are certain their excellence of quality and design is the perfect complement to the elegance of Agatha Christie’s iconic production.”


Graduate Fashion Week Special

Graduate Fashion Week in London is a mammoth springboard for emerging talent and every year quantifies and strengthens the UK’s position as being the premier showcase to global buyers, creative directors, MD’s, CEO’s, opinion formers and generally the key movers and shakers in the wider Fashion Industry, that the UK’s Universities are producing the next generation of those aforementioned creative movers and shakers, whether from the UK or further a field.

Following on from the success of the previous Graduate Fashion Week collections, now in the fourth year of their partnership, Retail Giants, Tu at Sainsbury’s, has proudly announced the launch of two new menswear and womenswear ranges, including the addition of Childrenswear for the first time. Furthermore, Tu have given two fashion students a scholarship and a year’s paid employment at Tu.

Molly Hopwood, from the University of Leeds, is the winner of the Menswear scholarship. In her designs she explores the universal appeal of design and particularly the effects denim production has on the environment.

As a result of her research, Molly’s collection evolved with designs focused on recycling and upcycling; specifically, the use of repurposed, organic cottons. The collections silhouettes take reference from the U.S Army and Ranchers – celebrating the history of ‘working’ denim.

All the denim used within the collection, including the worker jacket and trousers, contain post consumer waste and are finished using lasering techniques – reducing overall water developed using sustainable materials and techniques across classic use, chemicals and energy. Prints across the collection, featured on shirting and tees, denim styles and cotton shirting. are achieved using digital printing techniques, opposed to traditional processes that require excess water. All cotton garments are composed of either recycled cotton, or cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative

What has been the most important lesson you’ve learnt from this process ?

From this process, is to not be afraid to push boundaries with design. While developing my collection at Tu, I have explored so many developments in the sustainability of dying, denim washing, production and fabrication that I never knew were possible. I think it’s so important to design consciously with the future in mind and Tu has helped me to explore my ideas while considering sustainability at every stage of the design process.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given ?

Oliver Spencer has been my mentor during my scholarship this year and he reminded me that sustainability is a journey. We’re not going to be able to solve this issue overnight but every difference we can make now is important.

If you could Style anyone who would it be ?

If I could style anyone I would go back in time and choose James Dean. He’s had such a huge influence on menswear and was the epitome of casual dressing. He also popularised denim in ‘Rebel without a cause’ and made jeans and a t-shirt just so cool.

If you could collaborate with one brand who would it be and why ?

If I could collaborate with one brand it would be Patagonia. They are the pioneers in sustainable fashion and to have access to their fabrics and technologies would be incredible. I just love everything their brand stands for.

In your words, describe the collection ?

It is a sustainable menswear collection mainly revolving around denim and its’ workwear heritage. Fabrics contain recycled yarns and we tried to use as little water and chemicals in the production as possible. The collection has a vintage feel with Japanese printed jersey and patch worked denim.

What was the inspiration for it ?

The key inspiration for the collection was denim’s rich history and culture and especially its’ workwear influences. I was inspired by classic silhouettes and wanted to design the collection with sustainability in mind. I looked to vintage Japanese prints for inspiration for tees and shirts and American workwear for denim silhouettes.

What are the key pieces in it?

I would say the key pieces are the denim worker jacket, the canvas over shirts and the printed revere collar shirts. I think they’re pieces that are great for layering and just timeless pieces to have in your wardrobe.

What piece of clothing best describes you ?

A pair of denim dungarees. Practical and a classic piece, not considered the most stylish but I’m trying to bring them back. Check out the pair in the collection!

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and regretted it ?

I usually try and shop as consciously as I can however I have often been swayed by a denim boiler suit and always end up looking less stylish and more plumber.

Who is your style icon ?

. He impacted popular culture around the world through his music, movies and style and remains a major influence in menswear today.

What would be the one piece of clothing you would rescue from your home in the event of a fire?

I’d have to save my vintage denim chore jacket. It’s my favourite second hand find and I’d be gutted to lose such a special piece.