A right couple of Harrys- The #IAMNOTAFRAID Campaign

You may or are about be made aware of the #IAMNOTAFRAID campaign by Men’s care brand Harry’s, who have launched a unique partnership with Premiership and England footballer Harry Kane on a campaign that embraces difference, integrity, hard work and determination. 

Harry’s and Harry Kane go further than the shared name. It’s about shared values.  In 2017, Harry’s published ‘The Masculinity Report’ and found that British men most aspired to core values such as reliability and dependability, and gained the greatest sense of wellbeing from satisfying work and committed relationships. Many see Kane as the  embodiment of these values.

Because despite being not too shabby at football, Kane’s not afraid to be himself; to step up when necessary and to ask for help when he needs it.  Harry’s, want to promote these characteristics and see Kane as being made of different, more genuine stuff and shatters the industry stereotype.

Both Harrys share the commitment to amplifying the conversation around men’s mental health, they care about charitable initiatives and making a positive impact on the lives of men. As part of that effort, as a brand they set aside a percentage of their sales, for charitable organisations.

This is the one – Kent & Curwen X The Stone Roses

Let me paint you a picture and if I may indulge in a little self nostalgia. It’s a barmy warm day in May and I’m on my way to a chemicals plant in Warrington. Woah ! Don’t you dare leave, it’s gets better, I promise ! The year is 1990 and I’m off to Spike Island, yes what became known as the Woodstock to my generation, I’m going to see the seminal and most influential band of the 1990’s The Stone Roses!!!!

What a day and to makes matters even better, I’ve managed to bag myself a backstage pass, honestly, thank you Michael Fitzgerald, I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for that. It’s the end of the night, we’re on our back to the car to bring us home, not gonna lie, tad gutted not to have met the guys, but still buzzin. Then, we get called over to an area near the stage, no biggy we manage  to make our way through only to be flipping introduced, extremely normally to the lads themselves. If I’m completely honest the next couple of minutes are a literal blur, but reading between the lines and unfortunately knowing myself and countless past hero moments. I think it must’ve gone something along the lines of;

  • I talk nonsense and coolness goes totally out the window.
  • I frantically search for a pen for the lads to sign my posters, plural not singular. Probably, ending in me yelling, HAS ANYONE GOTTA PEN ? 
  • I walk off with a smile on my face which isn’t removed for a good 24 hours with several signed Stone Roses posters later. 

Fast forward, nearly 30 years, the kids of today are obsessed with everything 1990’s from the TV shows, the movies, of course the music and lets not forget the fashions.

Now I certainly wasn’t the only fan of The Stone Roses or to be hugely inspired by them. Two other guys you may have heard of were too and have used the iconic artwork of The Rose’s John Squire as inspiration for their SS19 collection. 

Kent & Curwen Creative Director, Daniel Kearns grew up listening to The Stone Roses, for him they are a band that established the look and the sound of the 90’s. Squire’s artwork and music created by both John and Frontman Ian Brown now forms the inspiration for the Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2019 collection which celebrates the feeling of British summertime, iconic British music and British culture.

To complete the collection, Kent & Curwen incorporated the iconic rose logo, reimagined by Creative Director Daniel Kearns onto a selection of T-shirts and sweatshirts. The combination of the iconic lemon slice and the handstitched vintage woven rose patches in yellow, green, grey and blue mark the new direction, creating a modern lifestyle brand based on the authenticity of its legacy.

Ohhh and Kearns’ business partner not only is a bit of a Roses fan himself, and has in fact been known to take himself and his kids to appreciate the delights of this 90’s phenomena, but is an adopted son of the city famous for being the birthplace of the Stone Roses. What’s his name again? Ohhh yeah David Beckham. 

Extra, Extra Read all about it – Daily Paper


Amsterdam based brand Daily Paper have foreseen a meteoric rise within the streetwear industry since it’s humble beginnings back in 2010. Founded by 3 best friends, Jefferson Osei, Abderrahmane Trabsini and Hussein Suleiman, the menswear label is inspired by African heritage aesthetics with modern design.

The trio take advantage of their African backgrounds by utilizing traditional fabrics and prints on a wide range of ready to wear to garments, which has expanded massively in the last 9 years from a focus on simple graphic branded apparel to hitting the catwalk at London Fashion Week last year with their collection in collaboration with What We Wear. Revolutionary.

To add, the brands street-ready pieces, which often include all over prints, big graphics and relaxed fits, coupled with their military type re-works on traditional African fashion pieces, have proved a big hit amongst the streetwear community, cultivating an audience of 178,000 people on Instagram. Huge!

With a devotion to high quality garments, fine detailing, culture and a passion for their target markets goal to achieve individuality, it’s no surprise to see the brand being successful on a brick and mortar front as well, which is often the case for brands who understand mobile and exactly who their target market is. With 2 stores in Amsterdam and several pop-up stores across Europe within the last year, Daily Paper is really starting to cultivate a loyal group of customers around the world. Global.

From a personal standpoint, it’s great to see a streetwear brand grow so quickly and gain popularity in what is an extremely hard community to break into, as well as achieving longevity when so much emphasis is placed on OG brands. With a recent collaboration with PUMA, the Dutch label is getting the recognition from retail giants that is deserves. And you can take my word that this a brand that will continue to grow and reach new heights. If it doesn’t, feel free to call me out on that day!

If you haven’t heard of them, then surely you must have been living under a rock for the last year? Have a gander here, you won’t regret it!

Legend Karl Lagerfeld


Karl Lagerfeld, one of the worlds most well known and legendary fashion designers has unfortunately passed away at the age of 85. Over his many decades within the fashion industry, he shaped both Chanel and Fendi into the brands as we know them today. Karl was born in Germany pre-war however moved to Paris as a teenager where his love for design began, with one of his very first jobs being a design assistant to Pierre Balmain! In 1984 Karl began his very own label and this was when he became known for his very own distinct look, with a crisp white collared shirt, black tailored jackets, fingerless gloves and the long ponytail! His look was one which was so distinct it will most certainly be remembered alongside all of his accolades.

His death leaves a massive void at the two top fashion brands in the shape of Fendi and LVMH owned House where Lagerfeld had been creative director since 1965. With such a void now left by Karl, it will be interesting to see the direction both the brands now take and hopefully the shoes he leaves will be taken over they too will leave their fashion footprint just as Karl Lagerfeld has been doing for the last 65 years. Karl is praised by many as one of the people who made Paris the fashion capital it is today and for that, he will always be loved and remain a legend.

We here at Clothes Make The Man send our deepest condolences to Karl’s family and friends!

”Sweat pants are a sign of defeat, you lost control of your life so you brought some sweat pants”

“I live in a set, with the curtains of the stage closed with no audience – but who cares?”

“Vanity is the healthiest thing in life.”

Scotch and Soda’s ‘House of Perfect Strangers’

We don’t mind saying, one of our favourite brands here at CMTM, is the Quirkily Stylish Dutch brand, Scotch and Soda. Based, in a canal-side design studio in a former church in the heart of Amsterdam, now offering Mens, Womens and Kidswear. Scotch & Soda is a team of discoverers and collectors scouring the globe for artefact that sparks their curiosity.

Their collections and signature looks clash eras, classics, places of inspiration; mashing unexpected fabrics and patterns, which is perfectly illustrated in their latest collection for Spring 2019. 

This season they invite us to journey back to the summer of ‘76 and to the perfect Scotch getaway – a homely yet exotic hotel named the ‘House of Perfect Strangers’. This charming, buzzy place hosts creative types from all corners of the globe – it’s beautiful, curated chaos the natural spark for long dinners with once strangers, soon-to-be friends. 

“This collection tells the story of the summer of ’76. A story of freedom and creativity, inspiration and adventure, chaos and diversity. The base is ‘House of Perfect Strangers’: both a getaway and a place to feel at home. Each room with a fresh view: over the streets of Raffia Town; the tropical buzz of Bamboo Beach, Palm Cove’s rainbow of colour, and the old school meets new school charm of The Poolside. Each of these views return in the collection’s leading ideas and themes.”

Marlou van Engelen Creative Director Scotch & Soda

This collection is formed of four distinct trends and feels. First we have, Raffia  Town which combines the rough-edged glamour of the seventies with the vintage charm of a sleepy fishing village. 

A seventies beach scene gives rise to a new tropical uniforms and their various streetwear translations.

Then, sweeping views across balmy palm coves inspire a rainbow bright colour edit. With bold colour blocking intensifying the high-summer mood

The  last room looks out over the ocean and the wistful curves of a natural infinity pool. The inspiration for a drop in which seventies surf-meets-skater, and crispy stripes and batiks form our new nostalgia. Each look designed to work city to beach.