Flower Power – The men’s Floral trend

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There is a misconception that Flowers are just for the fairer sex, in that, us men should shy away from anything of a floral print nature. Oh contraire by dear masculine friends, as for Summer of this year, all things flowery are everywhere. Our dear clothing retailers from high end designer to high Street wonders are embracing their inner flower power and in all honesty it must be shifting as retailers can’t get the floral trend pieces on the shelves quick enough for us. So as alway we do the hard work so you don’t have to so here are some of the hottest items from this Summer’s brightest trend.

Long sleeved shirt by Banana Republic

Men’s jogging bottoms by Franklin & Marshall

Floral swim shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren by Harvey Nichols

Liberty print floral baseball cap by New Era at Selfridges

Floral tie by Liberty


Floral patterned socks by Paul Smith at Harrods.com


Floral patterned sweatshirt by Acne


Floral plimsoles by YMC at Steranko.co.uk


Floral print blazer by Gucci by MrPorter.com

Floral Rucksack by Bershka


Ditsy floral pattern polo shirt by Native Youth at House of Fraser


Fancy going matchy matchy this Summer then check out this lil floral combo by Farah



The Buyer’s Guide to Summer 2013 – José Neves – Farfetch.com

José Neves

José Neves


The Subject of Today’s Buyer’s Guide is José Neves, the founder and CEO of ohhh but please don’t think this is José’s only accomplishment, far from it. A seasoned fashion entrepreneur, Neves has long had the vision of bringing together his interests in technology and fashion to support the creativity and diversity of the international fashion industry. José has been involved in the fashion since the mid 1990s when he launched footwear brand SWEAR. In 2001, he went
on to open the world renowned b store in London, which in itself went on to receive numerous accolades and awards including the British Fashion Award for Retailer of the Year in 2006. Then, in 2008 he launched , a project which brought
together all his past experiences. Having learnt first-hand of the huge challenges facing a bricks and mortar retailer wanting to expand into the online space, Neves brought to them a single portal offering independent fashion boutiques and designers an opportunity to compete in the online arena with the leaders of fashion e-tail. Today,  comprises of 250 boutiques, spanning a total  of 17 countries and delivers globally. We asked him to select his top 10 buys for the forthcoming season;

I’m always learning of new, emerging designers. Qasimi is a cool British brand that I’ve been wearing a lot of at the moment and has recently become stocked within our network of boutiques on farfetch. It fits perfectly without being overly tailored and the combination of colours gives it an informal, relaxed feel.


These timeless black trousers are given a completely modern twist with the drop crotch and turned up hem. Plus they’re linen so are bound to be an excellent purchase for hot summer days, to taking you seamlessly from a morning business meetings to evening drinks on a London terrace.


I expect my clothes to carry me from season to season and I like to invest in key pieces. This Balmain leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and perfect for ever changing climates as I travel from country to country. The colour of this piece is everlasting and will work with any outfit.


I travel extensively, often to another of our other global offices so it’s essential that my wardrobe serves me well. A lot of my shoes are from Swear, I like the brand because their products are both stylish and comfortable. This black leather boot is very versatile and works well straight off a flight and into the office. I love how the perforated heel and contrasting beige sole gives a modern feel to the timeless shape


I cycle around London all the time, so I need my backpack to be practical. This black leather Valas looks amazing with the multiple pockets; it’s great to throw over my shoulder and makes the ideal weekend bag


Nothing beats the iconic Wayfarer.




Denim shirts are a staple of mine, they’re easy to wear and they maintain their shape. I really like this shirt because the mandarin collar makes it different from most.


Constantly travelling, I always carry my iPad to enable me to work on the move. This sleek, leather case is great for holding my iPad and the zipped front pocket keeps all my travel documents together.

I really like this Walter van Beirendonck jacket with the matching shorts. I think they’d be great to wear together with a crisp white shirt or they’d also be nice separately. I’ve just got back from Marrakesh and this is what was missing from my wardrobe!


The shorts















Smarten yourself up this party season – The Velvet Jacket

The Christmas party season is nearly upon us and its cranking itself up to be a big one this Yuletide, whether you want to impressive your boss or another work colleague at the annual office party or if you want to cut a dash and look the part on Christmas Day while watching Downton Abbey. One piece of clothing that guarantees to transform any outfit into a sophisticated, suave look, worthy of any event, whether that be held at the Dorchester to the Dog & Duck, is the Velvet blazer. The Menswear sector of the Fashion industry are in complete agreement, from the catwalks of Milan and New York to the high Streets of Carlisle and Coventry, they all adore this piece for Winter 2012.

If it isn’t broken don’t try to fix it, Channel your inner milk tray man in this Black Velvet blazer by Ted Baker


Always one to perfect Traditional with a twist Paul Smith’s Brown Velvet blazer can be found @ MRPorter.com


Look Super cool in this Wine coloured double breasted Velvet jacket by ACNE exclusively for MRPORTER.com


A Contemporary Classic this Navy Velvet jacket by Austin Reed Cut


Any a purple haze to the Yuletide thanks to Marks & Spencer


Be a little different and stand out from the crowd in a good way in this Emerald Green piece by Tiger of Sweden @ Selfridges


A beautiful timeless Navy piece which will make you feel $1,000,000 by Reiss




In the business of – Ask Ant

AskAnt had a bit of a hiatus over the summer months and we’ve had quite a few enquires asking about it’s whereabouts and well being. Fear not dear reader the sword of damocles has not fallen on this feature, not by a long chalk. So not only is a new season upon us but also a new quandary to test my retail knowledge and sartorial skills. So without further gesticulating, who’s the next subject please ? ;

Ahmed, I like your thinking, I’m currently in the process myself of sorting out new business cards & I can’t tell how mortified I feel when asked for a business card & I have to explain the situation. This instance is unforgivable and shows you in a negative light from the off set and in my mind is an immediate red card and something I need to amend post-haste. So without further ado, lets give you your options.

Now, I’ve decided not to go for the more contemporary  metal or plastic business card holders as I personally feel they upset me & the line of your jacket in the same way as a mobile phone would, they have a tendency to drag things down, a look which is amateur and unflattering. However, if this is what you are after the least offensive can be found in Muji or Amazon.

So, my choice of business card holder, I would go with something a little more traditional, but that can show off a touch of your personality and something that can say what you are about and what you want to put out there, ideally a professional persona.

Mulberry @ Harrods

1) First up is this beautiful option from Mulberry, it says traditional, aspirational, style savvy and masculine. This chic Mulberry business card holder is a sleek staple accessory that will see you through each season in businesslike style and is available from Harrods the height of unique sophistication.

Smythson @ mywardrobe.com

2) Option 2 is  something a little more colourful, this Azure blue leather card case with one slim internal slip pocket and one gusseted pocket for business cards is by Smythson, if you want to display your creative, artist side and something a little left field that can be a good conversation starter, this is your boy and is from mywardrobe.com

Liberty London collection @ Liberty

3) Now your final choice is a bit of a trump card as it has many (many) options all from the under the same roof or platform depending on your preferred preference of purchase. The department emporium Liberty has literally oodles of business card holders and covers every personality from flamboyant statement to conservative classicism.

Acne @ Liberty

Lastly, as requested all of the above are all under the stated budget of £100, actually well under, so enough for another sneaky purchase or even a good night out, sir.

So Ahmed my friend, all that is left for me to do is to advise you, the choice is yours ??? Do let us know what your decision is and join us again soon for another style clinic.

Please remember, if you have any Sartorial stuppers and are in need of a little stylish advice PLEASE don’t forget your not on your own just email us here at Clothes-make-the-man.com @ [email protected] and we’ll answer your problems practically.

A smart/casual dilemma – AskAnt

Morning, Ola, Guten Morgen, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Godmorgen, Selamat pagi, Dea-maidin & Buenos Mias wherever you may be reading this. So without any further ado lets get down to business today and act as a fashion conscious Jimmy Saville (google him for our non-UK readings) and answer the problems of the great masses of  style aware men out there. This week’s stumper came via our Facebook page, yes we have one, honest !

Well Dave, firstly better start speaking to mensa cos a Fashion genius is gonna totally answer your query sir ! OK then, lets break this question down.

1) You’re after a look to wear on informal occasions, down the pub to us mere mortals and you don’t, “want to buy jeans and converse All-stars again”. Well fair enough, the answer to this is simple, go for a chino, I refer you back to an AskAnt from 13th March when Blubes wanted to buy himself some strides but not JEANS, sorry are Jeans tres unpopulare ???? Anyway, as I advised him, ” There is literally a pair to suit any man of any colouring and body shape.” In reference to chinos and no matter who you are there are a fit and colour out there for you and your j-lo esque statistics Dave. As with jeans, chino come in pretty much the same fits, O leg, twisted, slim, skinny, baggy, carrot leg, boot cut (Sorry, never a boot cut never) and as Summer is all about colour literally every colour of the spectrum is covered. So as with anything, take a little time out and visit your fave retailers whether that’s in the comfort of your home via the use of the information super highway or your local high St or mall. I would advise, and hopefully save you some time, if there is a cut of jeans or a denim brand you favour, I’d let that be your first port of call. But no matter what you want to spend, chinos are a key staple of a man’s wardrobe at the moment and please don’t think that they are exclusively the attire of exchange students or hooray henrys, every one from Primark to Polo Ralph Lauren and Burberry to Burton are producing great examples of them.

A Rainbow of Ben Sherman Chinos

I'll take a pair in every colour - Dockers

2) Shoes, all important, don’t leave home without them, you don’t wanna invest in a classic pair of Converse and I’m reading in-between the lines, that you might already have a pair or two, am I right ? That’s cool, then what I’m thinking is a choice of two opinions;

a) Oxford or brogue type shoes –

In recent years we have seen a real return to the great British formal shoe as a fashion essential whether worn in a formal or informal manner. Brogues and Oxford style shoes can equally be paired with a pair of jeans as with a suit and can be used easily for work or play.

The Brilliant Grenson Brogues from Selfridges

The Great British Institution Loake shoes

b) Boots –

A return of boots in a hiking-esque kinda way was seen all over the catwalks of Milan, Paris, New York and London and it certainly didn’t take long for the high St to jump upon this trend and brilliantly aswell ! There aren’t many men who don’t suit a certain type of worker boots is some incarnation.

Either of these type of shoes work really well with chinos (and jeans) plus they are versatile enough to be worn with a suit and for you not to look as though your off to work in the offices of a lumber mill or a manor house.

The Wolverine Boots available from Urban Outfitters

3) The all important top half. We’ve sorted you out with the bottom 50% of you, now for the upper part of Dave. Right, brilliantly you laid out what you did and didn’t want from an outfit, thank you sir, this is really helpful as it gives me a guide to work from. Quite rightly a guy like yourself in his….. mid 30’s doesn’t want to look like Mutton dresses as Lamb or even Mutton dressed as a Hoxton graphic designer, (sorry hoxton graphic designers reading this blog, I love you really). I hear you ask, but only girls can do Mutton dressed as Lamb surely ? Elton John’s partner David Furnish, Peter Stringfellow, Shane Warne (of recent time), I rest my case your honour !

So in my learned opinion to finish this look off with as much style as your bottom half I’d firstly go with either a sweatshirt or cardigan. The unpredictable nature of the British summer means you could equally be dressing for rain and wind as much as for barmy heat and sun, so layer up my friend. This is another chance to show off your style knowledge of menswear trends in selecting to wear some colour, without looking like a kids TV presenter. One thing I would say, to prevent smart Alec’s having a go down the pub and for your own self confidence is, if you go for a brighter colour in your chinos go for a darker colour in selecting your garments of choice for your torso. The cardigan has been back around for longer enough now that even the most style illiterate of men most be able to see the benefits of it. Additionally, the sweatshirt has made a Christ like comeback for this season and is appearing in more colours then Joseph had in his technicolored coat.

If it's good enough for Bond. I can't see many people laughing at his cardi, hey ?

Acne from my-wardrobe.com

Now yes, you could finish this piece of Michael-Angelo style outfit with any number of T-shirts whether a polo shirt, a striped nautical number or even a vintage rock piece, any of these would go perfectly with a cardigan or sweatshirt.Or go with a formal shirt, OK a formal shirt and a cardigan thats fine, but no what I’m suggesting is a formal shirt, maybe a chambray or a nice oxford button down with a …….SWEATSHIRT ! Yes I know, but please trust me on this one Dave it works and works exceptionally well, honest.

Now after that bombshell, it’s all in the styling and how confident you feel. If you’re feeling particularly confident fasten the top button up on your shirt, wear your chinos with turn ups, even wear your brogues with bright coloured socks or even NO SOCKS !!! Plus, there’s always the sweatshirt and formal shirt combo, but lets not push these things, little by little mate or some luddite will say something to you at the bar and it will either knock your style confidence back lightyears or his teeth back his throat and we don’t want either of those to happen.

all that is left for me to do is to tell you, the choice is yours ??? Let us know what your decision was and join us again soon for another style clinic.