Clean as a Whistle – 6 of the Best Body Washes for Men

Words by Charlie Britton

You’re probably curious as to why we’re listing the best body washes for men, but I’ll have you know that we have a perfectly good reason. You’re average Joe shower gel from the local drug store certainly isn’t up to scratch with these body washes, packed full of fantastic ingredients to invigorate, clean and purify you’re skin and set you up for the day ahead, which is exactly what you’re missing out on each morning if you don’t own one of these;

The Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser is a mighty botanically enhanced cleanser that gently removes grime, banishes odour and leaves the skin beautifully scented and fresh, perfect for a morning shower. Geranium has a handful of skin and health benefits too, so it’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

Scaramouche + Fandango‘s Body Wash is the perfect shower companion, especially being oil, silicone and paraben-free. This Vitamin E and Papaya body wash leaves the skin hydrated and invigorated, whilst removing all the unwanted grime and residue from the skin. Scented with the S+F signature fragrance, there’s not much more you could ask for.

This Molton Brown Bushukan body wash is a refreshing and indulgent bath and shower gel blended with antioxidant-rich Thai Bushukan fruit, a member of the citrus family. This wash also features hints of black pepper and tolu absolute, sure to leave your skin feeling clean and smelling great.

The Kiehls Body Fuel wash is another great body wash in this line up, functioning as both a body wash and shampoo in one. Formulated with caffeine and menthol, this wash is certain to get you going in the morning, with the added bonus of being paraben and sulfate-free.

Surface, a grooming brand designed for city goers, produce a body wash formulated with active ingredients and softening and emollient properties. Refreshing, delicate and antipollution, this is the perfect body wash for those who are always on the move, especially in town.

Last but not least, Cowshed’s Bullocks Bracing Body Wash purifies and tones the skin with petitgrain and grapefruit, combining a masculine and invigorating scent too. Packed with hemp seed oil, this body wash provides nutrients and vitamins for your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged.

So there you have it, our top 6 body wash picks to make your day that little bit better. Here at Clothes Make The Man, we insist on keeping clean and looking sharp, so as long as you trust in our top 6 picks you’ll be halfway there.