All I want for Christmas – The Best of the best Christmas Jumpers


Next Friday, yes thats right, Friday 13th, its Christmas Jumper day where by you paying £1 for the “privilege” you can wear a Christmas jumper of your very own choice. Now to assist you in making the right selection and ensuring your participation in partaking in this worthwhile cause, we’ve done the detective work so you don’t have to. Just so you know Christmas Jumpers are big business these days with many retailers recording sales in record numbers with, many styles ALREADY sold out ! Take a little look at the below gallery which should have something for everyone’s taste, maybe.


I’ve gone with this to kick us off, from the highly questionable, but a lot of fun, Yes you can wear matching Christmas jumpers, if you so wish. This unbelievably successful website, stocks both his and hers, so come the big day you can be totally co-ordinating !!!!


We’ve turned the dial round a bit and toned it down with this knit from Superdry available from House of Fraser. A Fairisle jumper isn’t just for Christmas and you won’t feel out of place wearing it at any point during the year.

Whether your spending the Yuletide in Aspen or Ardwick, this Ralph Lauren Seasonal knit will have you looking your best, whether your on the slopes or slopping off for a little cat nap to escape the eating, drinking and making merry.

This fine piece of festive knitwear must surely win the prize of most Christmassay of Christmas Jumpers ! And the winning brand is………. (drum roll please). None other then blinking New Look, for the love of old St Nick.

Another tasteful lil number and from another American stylish Powerhouse, this time Tommy Hilfiger but exclusively for a very British Retailer in John Lewis.

Keeping in the vein of tasteful is this example from Banana Republic, which strikes the perfect balance of Festive without being OTT and ensures this knit won’t be languishing in the back of your wardrobe for another 364 more days.

Right so lets turn that dial up to 10 on the Christmas Richter Scale. You’ll get the point with this Holly Jumper from River Island so make sure your not being prickly come the season to be jolly.

Some might say I’m finishing on a bit of a Turkey, but hell not me !  This Turkey of a jumper, in the best possible way, by Joules, needs no trimmings.