Happy 65th Birthday to Clarks Desert Boot !!!

The Brogue, Monk Shoe and Oxford are all easily recognisable names of different types of footwear but none of these are celebrating their 65th Birthday this year and there is definitely no sign of this style of shoe being put out to pasture or drawing its pension. The Desert Boot has to easily be one of the most iconic and recognised forms of footwear ever produced.

It was inspired by Nathan Clark’s(see above), yes he of the Clark’s well heeled Dynasty, time in Burma during the war when off-duty soldiers wore a similar casual suede boot picked up in the bazaars of back town Cairo. First sold back in 1950, the first, and the true Desert Boot, is still crafted using the ‘Hand of Clarks’ detailing which stands it apart as the real deal; including leather from an English tannery named Charles F. Stead, still used today. The boot also includes authentic techniques such as ‘stitchdown construction’ where the upper is unusually turned outwards rather than ‘lasted-in’ under the insole.

Over the years such influential dapper figures as Bob Dylan, Steve McQueen, Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher have all been known as lovers of the crepe soled wonders and even figures within state Parliament and Royal establishments have been known to partake in the wearing of them.

In celebration of the iconic anniversary of Clarks Originals’ arguably most-loved silhouette; a special edition boot has been created in Maple Suede – complete with commemorative fob and statement sapphire laces. A fitting colour accent, as sapphire blue is the precious stone reflective of a 65th anniversary.

Penny for your thoughts – 6 of the best Penny Loafers

The Penny Loafer is a much underrated and yet highly versatile piece of footwear, equally at home with a pair of jeans as they are within a formal setting. The Penny Loafer or the “Weejuns” to give them there more correct term first become popular after the depression of the 1930’s and had the rather strange origin of being based on Norwegian diary farmers clogs. The shoe’s strap has a split design that is supposed to resemble a pair of lips. This opening in the strap was soon used as a way to add a decorative touch to the usually simple loafer and small objects, such as pennies, were often placed there, hence the name, get it ? As alway we here at Clothes Make the Man bring you 6 of the best which should appear to you no matter what your taste or budget is. Take a look;

Ahhhh a real British, timeless Classic, this time in the form of this great from John Lobb from MRPORTER.com



It doesn’t always have to be Black and Summer is only round the corner, isn’t it ?  These South side Loafers from Russell & Bromley in Blue Suede are a nice break from the traditional.

Another wonderful example to add a splash of colour to a look, comes this time from Clarks


Now for something just a little bit special, these objects of beauty come from the Italian luxury house Tods to produce this vintage looking Penny Loafer

A great contemporary take from the Spanish retailer, Bershka



Ahhhh Summer is only round the corner, or it will be when you wear these delightful loafers, from none other then Ted Baker

Well heeled – Six of the Best Brogues

The Evenings are drawing in, Summer is starting to be nothing but a deem distance memory, hey ! Nothing to worry about Autumn & Winter offer men some of the best items to wear and show of over the coming months. Whether that be wrapping yourself up in great knitwear, getting a new winter coat, some great examples out there, but we’ll come to them later and of course the Great British Brogue, check out six of the best below –


Beautiful and a real design classic by a great British brand who know more then a thing or two about brogues, Grenson from MrPorter.com

Brogues don’t always have to be so traditional and no surprises who have given these, his own individual spin by Paul Smith

Its not just desert boots and senible shoes that this brand is known for and a great little twist on a classic here too in Cheery from Clarks

Metallic is a real trend for this season particular in footwear now although not everyone’s cup of tea. These brogues from Vagabond won’t break the bank and with look great for the ever approach Yuletide festivities

Back to a classic for the Grandaddy of the brogues and a brand synonymous with not only Brogues but great footwear is Churches from Farfetch.com

We couldn’t show you six of the best Brogues without showing you an example of a great boot version and this is very much one from Ted Baker at House of Fraser








BIG Shoes to fill – AskAnt

Welcome to the first AskAnt of 2013, here hoping that 2013 is a lucky year for us all loyal reader. Today’s enquiry is a common question that I’m asked a lot about and something I suffer with a little myself. So let not waste any time and see what today’s issue is –


Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.22.51




OK Kev, as always thanks very much for taking the time to write to us and as always we endeavour to answer to your needs. Basically, you will find a proportion of GOOD retailers will do size 13 shoes but because of the lack of demand they will buy only a couple pairs of them. You mentioned you are looking for boots, now great brands like Red Wing, Wolverine and Dr Martens will all cover size 13. Plus you mentioned cost, Oliver Sweeney is a fine shoe brand and you get what you pay for, most of the time, but you have come to the right place and we believe guys with manly feet shouldn’t have to pay over the odds, when it comes to footwear. Nonetheless, essentially you have slightly reduced opinions, unfortunately, which are

1) You need to do is be really organising and buy your shoes at the start of the seasons, so essentially Jan and Aug/Sept.

2) If you’re feeling brave, hold out and go to the sales at the start, you should be able to pick up some right bargains my friend.

But I think we’ve done a pretty good job coming up with a cross section of shoes which should see you right no matter what the occasion. So firstly,

These great boots, as you mentioned boots, are from Aldo and are currently on SALE so a double bonus


You didn’t think we were only going to give you one opinion did you Kev ? Here are a super comfy and highly directional pair of Desert boots from Clarks and as in Grey will go with most things from jeans to a suit.


Next up is something a little more formal. A nice black Brogue from Marks & Spencer and at a price which I could not believe sir !


Now you mentioned price and all the shoes we’ve cited are all well under £200 and we’ve tried to give you lots of options. So if you are feeling slightly Imelda Marco and decide to buy them all, it won’t bust the bank. Now these are a classic and a all round great shoe from a great shoe producer, Camper. These boat shoes will see you nicely into summer and will fit you fine all year round.


Lastly, Kev, we’ve gone for a versatile boot, that once again you can pretty much wear with anything. Now these boots are from Jacamo who specialise in larger sizes whether that be shoes or clothes. So well worth bearing in mind the next time your thinking of a purchase.


So Kev, all that is left for me to do is to tell you, the choice is yours ??? Do let us know what your decision was and  join us again soon for another style clinic.

If you have any stylistic problems, events, that  you don’t know what to wear, after the right shows to go with that all important outfit. Whatever, you query no problem is too big nor small, please just email [email protected] and I’ll happily give you informed, knowledgable common sense advice.

Spring 2013 Preview

As stores start to get in their new Spring 2013 ranges and as the weathermen start to inform us of blizzards and freezing conditions. I thought I’d try and lighten the mood and give us something to look forward to. In the last couple of months of 2012, I was lucky enough to have a preview of countless apparel’s brands Spring /Summer collections for this forthcoming season from high end designer to high street brands. So I thought I’d give you a sneak preview, but keep it to yourself 😉 ENJOY.

Channeling a little warmer weather Tommy Hilfiger had some of the best swimwear around this season.


The Brilliant Sunglasses range Sunday Somewhere, well worth keeping your eyes peeled for, gettit !


Looking sharp and expect the unexpected from Peter Werth, over the next couple of seasons.


Look like a living work of art with casual wear brand FLY 53


We’ll definitely be seeing more of Tourne de Transmission, well certainly on here anyway.


Have to be honest, I L O V E love Hancock and they have a great back story. I know let’s do a post on them !


I can honestly say Camouflage HAS to be one of the biggest menswear trends for Spring 13 and this shirt from Addict is a great way of saying it. I have an idea this isn’t the last we’ll see of camo pieces.


I had to include this one, even though its more of a girls story, but if your stuck for a gift idea for the lady in your life these Eley Kishimoto X Clarks shoes will absolutely stunned.


This was one of my favourite jackets from the Press days and great for that unpredictable summer weather, well done Banana Republic.


Maybe its because of my love for Hitchcock but these sock from Thomas Pink are a much have for Spring.


Sir Paul Smith never fails when it comes to adding a spot of colour to our life and always manages to keep it looking masculine.


The day I saw this top with matching shorts from 55DSL, the weather was particularly fowl and left me longing warm barmy climbs.


Dr Martens are continuing to prove that they are going from strength to strength in the shoe department.


Smarten your act up over the summer with the simple deconstructed blazer by Boden.


Clarks have come up with this great footwear range based on its founder Nathan Clark, which has bags of potential to be expanded, in my humble opinion


These great boat shoes with a twist were a real pleasure surprise from Romain Kremer X Camper shoes


Told you we’d see more camo and this time it’s a collaboration by Passarella Death Squad X Boxfresh


OK granted not the most exciting of pieces but I guarantee Lacoste will have more planned to celebrate their 80th Anniversary !


One of the most exciting collaborations for Spring 2013 has to be Austin Reed X Spencer Hart, a lot of people have high expectations from this project and it don’t disappoint. More on this VERY soon.


A brand we haven’t heard to much from in this country for a while is J.Lindeberg. Well its well worth taking another look at them. The collection for Spring is amazing, this rucksack was a personal have but the burgundy tux and the tweed suits were worth smashing the piggy bank opening for !