Make it a Fairytale of New York – Great gift Ideas for the lady you love

With literally a week to go, please tell me you have, bought the lady in your life a great gift ? A gift that will ensure good will to all men, particularly you, rather then your aforementioned partner spouting, “You scumbag, you maggot” at you while throwing an Imperial Leather gift set at your head !

Guys, we will never learn, it seems to be something pre-programmed into our brain, to leave things to the last minute or even miss the big date altogether and then have to patch things up, which costs us, pretty much, double the expense. Lets get our skates on and click through on some of the suggestions below which in turn will make our males existence a whole lot easier for the next couple of months.

An understated and elegant addition to any lady’s lingerie collection, Stella McCartney’s Clara Whispering robe in Dark Ink Blue is designed with a chic satin finish and subtle lace detailing. A timeless style that will be treasured for seasons to come and as you will be for purchasing her this gem.


The Effie Satchel by Mulberry is a relaxed take on a classic satchel design, with beautifully soft leather giving a gently slouching shape. It has an across body strap and subtly embossed tree signature. If red is too bold …you know your woman then go for grey or black…


Now just cos its for the ladies we’re suggesting gift for doesn’t mean we can’t include gift that per chance we might like ourselves, basically a gift thats as much for you as her. Made to make you stop and listen – the Ruark R7 brings the radiogram up to date with retro-modern lines and lush audio output. Beneath the vintage sensibilities, there’s everything today’s audiophile would expect, including DAB, FM and internet radio as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CD playback and intuitive digital controls.


If the love of your life is after something a little more unique then look no further then the vintage selection on, we fund this amazing vintage Gold metal oval brooch from Chanel featuring a logo detail to the top and a rear pin fastening.


The very glamourous L’Wren Scott Collection exclusively for Banana Republic combines sexy silhouettes with modern polish. Every piece is decadently glamorous and ready to celebrate the holiday season. A classic pencil skirt with a unique blend of texture and shine and a real favourite with Mrs Mc and is just one of the winning pieces from this range. Show your lady you can buy her a present she can be proud to say he brought me this.


As we’ve mentioned technology gifts aren’t just exclusive property of men and with this stylish i-Pad case in the signature Swirl printed leather with Purple suede lining and Black leather trims embossed with the Paul Smith signature plus optional stand feature, you are undoubtedly onto a winner my friend.

No not a bright floral dress, but glamourous, practical and yes a lil sexist all at the same time, what can this be, I hear you ask. Well, its a kitchen apron by MSGM exclusively for Yes, your lady can look ravishing while serving you your turkey, please ensure, she has a sense of humour aswell.

Yes we know Stella McCartney again, but we couldn’t resist these days of the week underwear and we guarantee your lady will feel the same.

Just look on with a smug rye smile, at the delight and surprise on your better halves face as she unwraps these killer heels from Kurt Geiger, followed by her smothering you with kisses of gratitude.

Your lady will be able to catch every special moment with this stylish Diana F+ Lomography camera capturing dreamy lo-fi photos. Take 120 film shots with utter decadence with this Gold and rather festive Edition.

Back to Reality – Work “Uniform” ideas

Ahhhhh the summer is starting to draw to an end and its not just parents that have to think about shopping for School Uniforms in one way or another. At this time of year we all take a look at the old workwear wardrobe and think, Errr yeah it could do with a little update. It’s not just a matter of impressing the boss in the workplace, although that helps, being taken seriously is all important and what you wear and how you wear it makes a big impression. We’re not talking a major overhaul, well for most of us, more a little helping hand, you know what I’m talking about, those white shirts with the stained collar and cuffs, the suit that gone rather shiny and the shoes that have simply seen better days.

On the whole we are spoilt for choice when it comes to catering for suitable workwear, whatever the budget, but I do have to say, remember the golden rules, buy cheap buy twice and you get what you pay for. so we thought we would give you a couple of suggestions to update your workwear wardrobe and bring it bang up to date.



First port of call, has to be Marks & Spencer, sorry I know its predictable, but for a balance of price and quality, they are hard to beat ! I personally love the Savile Row Inspired range. But on their website you find such valuable gems as a suit guide and what to wear for an interview. So if you don’t get that job you know who to blame.


Now, the devil's in the detail and don't fall at the final hurdle by the accessories you carry. I know what you're gonna say, "What, d'ya think I'm made of money". See this beautifully crafted man bag by Mulberry as an investment piece that, if treated with respect will be with you til the day you retire. Plus have everyone from the CEO to the new work experience fawn all over it !

Now, the devil’s in the detail and don’t fall at the final hurdle by the accessories you carry. I know what you’re gonna say, “What, d’ya think I’m made of money”. See this beautifully crafted man bag by Mulberry as an investment piece that, if treated with respect will be with you til the day you retire. Plus have everyone from the CEO to the new work experience fawn all over it !


Remember, workwear doesn’t have to match the dull weather of a deep Winter’s day. Show your creative side by mixing it up, use the blazer of a suit and add some colour with some chinos in seasonal tones and replace that drab shirt with a checked one with a knitted tie. The American Retailer Banana Republic are masters of this, so don’t worry if you don’t have a store near you as their website is genius.



These brilliant Verdy Brogues from KG Kurt Geiger are spot on plus are available in Tan as well as Black and won’t break the bank so buy both colour ways and they’ll see you though any suiting combination, Simple.