Introducing Louis Vuitton’s first Smartwatch – The Tambour Horizon

Words by Charlie Britton

It’s safe to say that Louis Vuitton is one of the worlds most renowned and recognisable brands to date. An international leading design house and household name that was founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton produces an extensive range of luxury products including trunks and leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, watches jewellery and an extensive list of accessories.

In it’s latest release, Louis Vuitton has proven that it can keep up with the times by producing it’s very first smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon. Following the likes of other brands such as TAG Heuer and Montblanc, LV has launched a pricey £1,905 Android Wear-powered smartwatch to compete in the luxury smartwatch market. Aside from even higher priced finishes, there is also a variety of luxury straps on offer that are priced additionally, so you can expect a hefty number to show up at checkout.

Working closely with Google and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., LV has worked relentlessly to produce a smartwatch worthy of it’s label and price tag, combining all the technical capabilities of a smart watch with the elegance and beauty of a Tambour, the iconic watch that began Louis Vuitton’s watch making journey in 2002. Branded as the ideal watch for the contemporary traveller, the Tabour Horizon delivers the very best technology, expertise and design with a Switzerland-made watch that will remain functional across the globe, including China.

With technologies developed in California’s famous Silicon Valley, you can guarantee that this smartwatch is packed full of useful and technologically advanced features. Aside from the obvious mobile phone functions, the Tambour Horizon promises as intelligent platform that will enhance your experience wherever you might go.

An exclusive ‘My Flight’ function emphasizes the contemporary traveller element as it acts as your personal assistant when at the airport, monitoring departure and arrival times, delays and cancellations, gate numbers and information and time remaining until landing. Louis Vuitton’s smartwatch also connects to digital versions of the famous LV city guides, making use of an intelligent geolocation function to connect the wearer to cities, local restaurants, hotels and spots of interest.
The Tambour Horizon is also waterproof up to 30 meters and promises a 22 hour battery life, ample to get you through a long haul flight and every day-to-day life.

In regards to the hefty price tag, the Tambour Horizon is definitely a step up when it comes to the line-up of luxury smartwatches. It doesn’t seem that any form of consensus on the pricing of luxury goods such as smartwatches is being thrown into the mix any time soon, so for the time being, this product will remain a luxury for those who have the disposable income to indulge.

Here at Clothes Make The Man, we’re in agreement that this is probably one of the nicest smartwatches to date. We cant promise that the technology is a cut above the rest as it does carry the same Android Wear platform as other smartwatches in the same league, however the sleek design and exclusive performance features and apps might be enough to take this little guy to the top.