Words by Keanu Adorable

We’re right in the middle of the winter season, and it hasn’t been forgiving. Keeping warm is our priority but this doesn’t mean we should sacrifice our style (you don’t really need to put on that sweater you got from aunt Julie during Christmas). But no worries, we have sorted you out in the knitwear department, ranging from high street to high end, it’s time you invest properly in some quality knitwear pieces for, what look so like, the long harsh winter months.

Made from a chunky lambswool blend in a mouliné slate blue, this jumper by features that statement mock neck. Further styling details include raglan sleeves and deep ribbed cuffs and hem, giving you maximum comfort and coverage – perfect knitwear piece for those cold mornings/evenings.

This  sweater is knitted from a soft wool-blend in warm shades and is an exclusive at . The crew neck is lightly padded to provide extra warmth where you need it most, which is often if you’re in the northern hemisphere these upcoming months.

With the feel of a favourite vintage piece, this textured knit by our emerging favourite brand has been carefully stonewashed and finished with deliberate aged and used detailing. You can pair this piece with a tonal peg leg trouser for a strong winter look for casual or smart wear.

This jumper from is made from a chunky, heavyweight cotton blend with a mix of half-cardigan and wide cable stitches for detail. A relaxed fit, that is completed with a rounded neck and ribbed edges. A perfect piece for your winter wardrobe.

Awar winning designer fisherman-inspired sweater is rib-knitted from merino wool-blend in a bouclé effect that’s both soft and substantial – perfect for this season. It has an embroidered cutout on the back, underneath the label’s signature tassel detail. Try teaming this piece with chinos and sneakers for a laid-back and casual fit.

Made from 100% extra fine merino wool, the is a perfect winter layer. It can be worn over a t-shirt for a more casual look on warmer days or alone under a short jacket for a smarter look. It also features slightly longer sleeve allowing your thumb through the subtle hole in the cuff to keep your hands extra warm.


Let me paint you a picture on this dull January day, you are transported to the verdant hills surrounding Xalapa, Mexico and its vast coffee and citrus groves. From the Mediterranean cliff sides, to the azure waters of the ocean, to a beautiful estate nestled in the mountains. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and inhale, there you go, can you get it ? Of course you can the revitalizing blend of citrus and fresh herbs with woody accents for a refreshing crisp aroma. The modern, sun-warmed woods from Mexico.

And open those eyes again. Ohhh sorry your back at your desk, but see how vivid your imagination can be when you let go and your sense of smell is your strongest sense for recapturing past memories.

So how about each time you smell the subject of today’s post you’re able to carry yourself off to this South American paradise. The latest chapter of the John Varvatos Artisan story, Artisan Pure, this complements the other members of the Artisan collection and captures the light, natural and laid-back vibe by which the fragrance was inspired and likewise the look and feel draws inspiration from the light, airy natural-tone fabrics of John’s stylish and aspirational menswear line.

Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced that infuriating moment when you stand in front of a bulging wardrobe full of clothes and exclaimed, but I have nothing to wear, or words to that effect.

Well please let me do you the pleasure of introducing you to the digitally native menswear brand L’Estrange London whose aim is to simplify the male wardrobe so that you can achieve more with less.

Working to the ethos of, “We make clothes to look effortlessly smart for life. Whether it be a coffee, a meeting or drinks – never overdressed, never underdressed.”

Founders Tom Horne and Will Green, met at Edinburgh University and together founded L’Estrange. The concept behind it is to bridge casual and formal wear, starting by redefining the hoodie; smartening its image and creating a piece of clothing suitable for any occasion. L’Estrange have incorporated a solution-focussed design mindset, continuously re- evaluating to consider how they can better answer modern problems. They focus on creating clothing that adds value, not clutter, innovating to meet the needs of their customers instead of adhering to traditional seasonal drops. The brand offers a modern clothing system comprising of comfortable, season-less, versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple scenarios, stripping away the complexity traditionally seen in the retail industry.So in a world of hyper-convenience and overconsumption, L’Estrange endeavours to strip away the over complexity from you everyday allowing you to do more with less. Their modern clothing system comprises of comfortable, season-less, versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple scenarios.


With the next couple of weeks being forecast to be incredibly chilly Andy for the UK to be more like the.  Arctic Circle , we thought we’d select our top 6 Parkas for this winter to keep you warm in those frosty condition, perfect for a rainy day in Old Blighty or skiing in the Alps, we high recommend you pay a visit to all sites for your winter jacket.

Carhartt– UR Siberian Parka
Created in 1889 Carhartt is well known for its work wear clothing, with products ranging from basic jean silhouettes through to fire resistant clothing.
However, their coats are some of the brands more popular pieces with their parkas totally killing it, with our number one pick being the classic ‘UR Siberian Parka’ in black, with a white fur hood. Paired with the letters UR on the back this jacket to denote their collaboration with the brand Underground Resistance, adds to your look whilst keeping you warm at the same time, what more could you want.  Why don’t you go and have a look.

Pretty green– Khaki lightweight cotton parka
Fronted by, our kid,  Liam Gallagher, Pretty green is built upon the influence in which British street wear has on the music and fashion throughout the world, founded in 2009, a detailed understanding of the culture has allowed them to stay incredibly relevant.
Our second pick is the ‘Khaki lightweight cotton parka’, this military vibe jacket is perfect for them darker looks and brilliant for layering, don’t miss out.

Penfield– Greylock water proof performance mountain parka
Founded in 1975, Penfield is known for its outerwear and became incredibly popular in the 80’s due to a wide range of retail channel. The brand still popular for its coats and jackets has started venturing out of the original neutral colours, with bright oranges and royal blues.
However, our pick of the bunch is this striped beauty, the Greylock water proof performance mountain parka in Navy its something a little different to the classic parka, for those of you after something a little different.

The North Face– Men’s McMurdo 2 parka
The North face is undoubtly the most well known of all the brands mentioned today, the name came from the north hemisphere of a mountain which is usually the coldest and most difficult route to climb on a mountain, hinting at this gear being up for any challenge.
Our fourth pick being The Men’s McMurdo 2 parka, paired with the goose down insulation and water repellent finish keeping you warm in the worst of conditions and to bring us right bang up to date and for a contemporary 21st century feel,where would we be without ‘a pocket big enough to carry an IPad.’

Parajumper– Pollar Equipment Musher ‘Saffron’
Parajumper is the brainchild of designer Massimo Rossetti, creating high quality outerwear with the name originating from the Para jumpers in the wars being super tough and courageous, just how the jackets are seen for today’s market.
Getting into the Luxury end of the market Parajumper is an outerwear brand known for it high quality jackets, and the Pollar Equipment Musher ‘Saffron’ is a wonderful example of the pieces released by the brand, with the beautiful Saffron colouring, it may not be to everyone’s taste but we would highly recommend having a look.

Canada Goose– Canada coat red Parka
Founded in 1957 Canada goose focuses on high quality winter clothing, producing all garments to keep you warm from gloves through to jackets, beginning in Canada’s cold city of Toronto the brand now sixty years old is untouchable in the luxury winter wear industry.
A new release to finish us off is the Canada coat in red, this is the latest of their offerings, plus their only being four hundred worldwide, what are you waiting for?

Ever sat in the barbershop and wondered what on earth the professionals are talking about? Jargon, in any industry, can be intimidating for those that are not in the know. And understanding a little more of the local lingo is never a bad thing.

To give you the edge when it comes to your next haircut, premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge – with help from award-winning barbers Tom Chapman and Simon Bones – have decoded some of the most mind boggling jargon that barbers and hairstylists use.

Layered: Layers help to give your hair texture and create movement, especially in longer hair. They can also create volume and remove weight depending on their placement and the sectioning pattern used.

Razoring: Razoring makes the hair taper to a thinner peak and help to create texture and softness. It’s often done using a feather razor and is only suitable for certain hair types, like thin straight hair. Some hair types can react badly to razoring, so be wary. Razoring can be used to an extreme to create huge separations too, such as a hard parting.

Hard Parting: A shaved/razored section that sits in the parting line of the haircut.

Blunt cut: A blunt cut is done by cutting each strand of hair at the same length. This is also referred to as club cut and is better suited to those with thinner hair.

Toner: This is what gives you that silver/grey colour that is so on trend for men right now. It’s a colour that’s applied to damp hair and left for around five minutes. Toners will cancel out the yellow tones that bleach alone often creates.

Channel cutting: The barber will glide their scissors along the scalp and cut through the hair without closing the scissor blades. This method of cutting the hair is done to achieve directional texture.

Slicing: This is often done through the top of men’s hair and requires a barber to comb the hair up and hold it in their fingers, low to the scalp. Then, with the scissors partially open, they run them through and up the hair, creating texture and separation. It’s best suited to thicker hair.

Graduation: Graduation is when the hair increases in length in a uniform manner the further up the head you go.

Taper: Think tapered jeans – which get skinnier towards the calves and ankles, but remain a little loose up top. A traditional taper cut sees the length of the hair graduate from the top of the head, down to the sides and nape in a symmetrical fashion that leaves the natural hairline visible.

The top of the head usually featuring hair that is between two and four inches long, while the sides and back feature clipper grades that gradually get shorter. For example, you may ask to start with a grade three and finish on a grade one at the bottom.

Zero taper: A taper that tapers out to zero at the bottom – no guard on the clippers.

Fade: Like a taper cut, a fade graduates the hair from top to bottom. However, there are noticeable differences in how early the fade effect begins and where on the head it finishes. Unlike a taper, the fade effect finishes above the natural hairline; giving the appearance that your hair has blended into your skin. The hair on top of the head is often shorter than a taper too, usually less than two inches.

Skin fade: This is the same as the fade, except the shortest length has to be all the way down to the skin, which is often achieved with a razor.

Thinning: Hair thinning is used on men who have very dense, thick and/or heavy hair. It helps to remove the bulkiness and creates fine layers in the hair – similar to slicing.

Choppy: This is a type of texture. If you ask for a choppy cut you are asking for short layers that have been point cut to create movement.

Point cutting: Point cutting is used to remove bulk from the hair’s ends, allowing layers or graduation built into the haircut to blend together more seamlessly. Ultimately, it creates movement. If your haircut isn’t sitting right, point cutting can be used to guide the hair into the right shape and style.

Pompadour (pomp): A style of hair cut where the fringe is swept back from the forehead, either straight back or in a side parting. This is a classic greased back haircut with volume through the front. Think Elvis Presley.

Quiff: Similar to the pompadour, but a lot looser and messier with a lot of texture and more of a matt look.

Slick back: Exactly what it says on the tin – the hair is pulled back tight to the head. Sometimes this style is disconnect and shaved all around the back and sides.

Disconnected: Any disconnected hairstyle will involve extreme changes in length. The complete disconnection is left long on the top and short on the sides. Whether the top is slicked back or pulled up for height, it’s a versatile and bold look.

The difference between this and other layered haircuts is that, with a complete disconnection, there is no blending together of the various layers. This makes for an edgy and strong look.

Crop: This is a short, textured, choppy look that has had many variations over the years. It’s often worn with a blunt fringe in current trends and is also known as a French crop.

Flat top: A traditional haircut where the hair is spiked up and the back and sides are usually kept very short. Traditional barbers will freehand the top but some people use a special comb with a spirit level on – yep, that’s a real thing!