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Michael Dow and Timothy White, both, by their own admission, are design freaks by nature, emerge from different backgrounds, one blue collar, one White collar,  to form a new luxury menswear brand, Haxby. They both traveled the world to source and recruit the most acclaimed craftsmen and material suppliers, from Los Angeles, London, Switzerland, Italy, and Japan – uniting them under one roof in the pursuit of true luxury.

Now unlike, most brand who start off with the top half of the apparel categories, Haxby have concerned themselves with the other sections of this spectrum. With its inspiration deeply rooted in fine Savile Row tailoring, Haxby’s vision bridges the gap between contemporary sportswear and bespoke sartorial techniques and traditions. What results are the following products created in limited edition batches ensuring that details and materials are of the highest caliber:

Denim – Japanese or Italian selvedge denim is sourced from the world’s leading denim mills and shipped to Los Angeles where the Haxby design team oversees the cutting and sewing of each pair. The finished product is then outfitted with 24k gold-plated zippers, buttons and rivets.

Eyewear – each pair of Haxby sunglasses is handcrafted at the 100+ year old Masunaga factory in Fukui, Japan. Haxby sought out this iconic manufacturer to create its line of hand-sculpted glasses, with 24K yellow or white gold inlay, because of their unparalleled level of attention detail and strict adherence to traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Sneakers – while sneakers have transcended the athletic arena and have become acceptable in the business casual world, Haxby takes the notion a step further by introducing a new cordovan leather sneaker. The same leather used in the world’s most coveted footwear is treated, buffed by hand and appropriated in Haxby’s timeless design.

Belts – the combination of Swiss watch-making precision and impeccably woven fabric and leathers culminate in Haxby’s unique belt collection. Swiss craftsmen create buckles in stainless steel and sapphire glass while fabrics, woven with precious gold and silver thread, are sourced from Savile Row’s legendary Scabal.

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