Will it be coming home ? World Cup fever approaches !!!!

Can you believe the anthemic choon of Baddiel and Skinner, with a little help of Ian Broudie, Three Lions or as it commonly known after a couple of drinks, “It’s coming Home”, is Eighteen years old this Summer ! Yes ladies, four years has come around again, see your other halves turn into zombie, footsie viewing slabs, where you haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of getting a syllable of sense out of them for the entire tournament.

In just over a week’s time we see it all kick off in Brasil where teams from literally every continent will be fighting it out to bring Football home. In preparation for the opening ceremony, we’ve selected some of the best clothing ranges on offer to you .

Of course, when we think of Brasil and clothing, one brand automatically springs to mind, Havaianas and the Brazilian flip flop giant has produced their iconic footwear in the colours of many of the participant nations and in line with the Brazilian superstition about putting their right foot forward first.


yoox.com, in collaboration with the football/style magazine Sepp, have worked with Ten designers from different countries in creating an exclusive collection of unisex sweatshirts and made in Italy by custom print inspired by their country of origin.

More known for his prowess on the tennis court, back in the day Bjorn Borg is probably nowadays more a recognisable name in the underwear games then in sport, no I’m not going to make any jokes about balls, urgh. Like Havaianas Borg is playing on the spirt of national pride and produced a range of underwear bearing the national flags of some of the competing nations.

Finally, we have Franklin & Marshall who have taken a bit of a retro spin on their World Cup inspired range

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