A Raw State of Mind – Raw State by Jigsaw Menswear

Jigsaw Menswear, in a relatively short space of time, has re-established itself as being a go to emporium for easy, no fuss, simple yet excellently stylish men’s apparel. Season after season it maintains a level of style in ignoring the hassle and fickle nature of fashion. This season, once again like a reliable sartorial milkman, they deliver, with a 21 piece Collection made from greige cotton canvas and inspired by the uniforms those bastions of blue collar elegance a welder, carpenter and engineer this is Raw State: a new capsule collection of workwear pieces, which in all honesty, your never gonna do a spot of DIY in, well you might but I wouldn’t recccomend it.

Attention to detail, as you would expect is exceptional, seams are twin needle and triple stitched, silhouettes are reinforced with raw edge patches and trims made from tumbled black alloy. Constructed in heavy duty raw cottons, each garment is laundered, doubled dyed, finished then back for a final launder.

Discover a process that reflects the patina found in authentic workwear, delivered in a contemporary collection. All in all restores your faith in good quality, honest to goodness a British Menswear, that won’t break the bank.

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