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Ohhhh yeah, it’s finally started to warm up, in the words of Elbow Front Man, Mr Guy Garvey, “Throw those curtains wide! One day like this a year’d we’ll sing it right”. Well maybe more than one day, but with the weather warming up is the problem of Sweating. An issue that we all have to deal with at some time or other. In an unusually warm environment, the average person sweats about 3 pints an hour. Perspiration is your body’s built-in cooling system. When we sweat it is usually for a reason: either we are stressed, emotional, nervous or simply feeling too hot.
However, sweating makes nearly five per cent of the UK’s adult population worry more than most. That’s because they suffer from a rarely-discussed condition known as excessive sweating. It remains a taboo, because it’s embarrassing, especially if it happens in public or in a time and place which makes it feel a whole lot worse for the person involved. Plus, it’s seemingly impossible to treat.

Rescue is at hand, because there is a remedy on the market that really does work. ODABAN Antiperspirant Spray is one of the most effective and long lasting solutions available for people who suffer from excessive sweating. Unlike other treatments, ODABAN is affordable, easy to use and has been the secret no-sweat weapon for many people for over 40 years.

ODABAN is very easy to use: its versatile pump spray provides precise application to all parts of the face and body, avoiding the risk of over-application, which is one of the key reasons other products can fail to help. The active ingredient in ODABANproduces partial-poral plugs, which in turn create a drying effect on the skin without blocking the sweat glands. Silicone is also included to help protect the skin from dehydration and spread the formulation more evenly. One application of ODABAN can last for up to seven days making it one of the most impressive solutions on the market for excessive sweating.

Most individuals will find they are getting the desired results they have been looking for within a few days, because ODABAN regulates the rate of sweating, leading to drier skin, reduced odour issues, unsightly sweat stains as well as painful chafing. Simply apply sparingly at bed time, when the skin is at its driest and wash off the treated area the next morning. ODABAN is 100% free of perfumes and allergy inducing ingredients therefore it can be used over most areas of the body.


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