This is the quote that is the inspiration for Simon King founder and designer of London Denim, who has been making streetwear for over 16 years.  Clothes first became Fashion for King back in the early 80’s when he started his comprehensive education. He would hear a host of lads whose hair was neatly styled, trousers were sharp and who talked of Farah, Tacchini, LaCoste in voices of desire and bandied around an even more obscure concept to him. His first pair of jeans were baggy Easy Jeans which he tucked into his boots, these were followed by Maro’o’Polo white and baggy jeans teamed with Champion sweatshirt and grey hush puppies. He’s come along a great deal since these days and sustainability and ethical consumerism are Key to King’s approach to Fashion and style nowadays.

They are, what they call themselves, a slow fashion brand and 80% of their product is made to order in our studio from organic, ethically produced materials.  But by 2018 they aim for all product sold in the European Market will be manufactured in UK. The brand debuted at London Fashion Week in 2001 and has shown in Paris, Milan, New York and recently at the London Fashion Week:Men exhibitions.

All of their non-denim garments are made in the UK either in our workshop in Kent or our studio in London. We do not make or hold stock of the majority of our products preferring to make to order. This means we don’t manufacture unwanted product or have a distressed product of any nature.

They’re following Ghandi’s advice with the Eden T, which represents the change they want to instil in the world. They’re hoping we ‘get it’ and spread the word to tell people there is an, organic, made local, ethical, ergonomic, sustainable T out there at a High Street Price. They want to see slow, ethical fashion as a normal on the high-street.  The Eden T is how we’re showing everyone this is possible.

As King puts it himself, “The products I design and produce for London Denim are overdeveloped and thought through again and again. I’m obsessive about difference in design, shape, fit and quality and giving London Denim product a unique perspective. Like the denim brands of old I strive towards the goal of engendering trust in my product.”

When they transfer the production to the UK in 2018 they will only use Italian denim made with Turkish cotton or recycled denim. At this point, all of their denim will also contain a recycled or organic element to it. All of their other garments are made from GOTs certified organic cotton from Turkey. This is important to them as organic cotton limits the harm their cotton does to the environment and road shipping from Turkey limits the CO2 created in shipping our raw materials to their factories.
All of London Denim’s non-denim garments are made in the UK either in their factory in Leicester, the workshop in Kent or their studio in London. The majority of the brand’s products are made to order. This means they don’t manufacture unwanted product.

It’s that time again when those who have been blessed with the ability to grow a full ‘tache – do, in support of Movember. Keep your moustache in check for the month-long fundraiser, started by the , with these handy tips below from us and British grooming brand, Bluebeard.

Removing Excess Hair

Chances are, people that are close to you might not take too kindly to you looking like you’ve been lost in the forest for months, so a bit of mane maintenance is in order if you’re to keep everyone on side. Movember is the time to wave goodbye to the beard, as when sporting a quirky piece of facial fuzz, you’re going to want it to stand out.

Before you do anything else, trim any unwanted hair down to a manageable length in order to avoid clogging your razor blade to the point of no return. Removing the bulk of it beforehand will make for an easier and smoother shave, which is exactly what you want when you need your moustache to do the talking.

Prior to going in with the razor, slather on a generous layer of  and leave to soak for ten minutes or so. This will soften the hairs up and prepare them for your shave, as well as enhancing razor glide and preventing nasty nicks and cuts.

Whip  into a lather and apply with a brush, coating and lifting each individual hair, before going in with your chosen razor. Follow up with a good  to calm, soothe and moisturise the skin.

Trimming your moustache

In order to ensure that your moustache looks its best, you’ll want to give it a good trim, but first, you’ll need to decide on what sort of look you’re going for, as this will have a bearing on how short you want to go. Once your decision is made, dampen your moustache with a small amount of water and distribute evenly by running a moustache comb through the length, then hold a pair of scissors parallel to the ends of the hair. Trim all the way across, leaving a little extra length than desired – hairs will often appear shorter once dried, and you won’t want to ruin your look by getting too scissor happy.

Once you’re satisfied with the length, shape the top and sides of your moustache as desired with a razor – this stylish , is a good option, as it allows for a greater level of accuracy and is easier to manoeuvre when there’s limited space to work with.

The finishing touches

For styling your moustache, it’s advisable to invest in a good quality . Warm a small amount between your fingertips and shape according to your chosen style. Twisting the ends and smoothing outwards and upwards will result in the sickest of styles!

Now that you’ve got the moustache of your dreams, it’s all down to the maintenance, but the odd trim every week or so should see you through. Time to get out and about and make some money from your mo’ – remember, it’s for a truly manly cause.

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The Bluebeards Revenge is a British range of barbershop-quality shaving, hair styling, beard grooming, and men’s skincare products. More information on the brand can be found at .


Remus Uomo is part of one of Britain’s most well respected clothing manufacturing companies, Douglas & Grahame which was founded in 1924 and continues its reputation for high quality garments delivered with efficiency to quality Menswear retailers across the UK and Europe.Managing Director of Douglas & Grahame, Donald Finlay said: “The Remus Uomo brand has grown substantially over the years, most recently celebrating its 25th anniversary and in the same year, winning Menswear Brand of the Year at our industry’s premier awards, the Drapers Independents.”

Remus Uomo prides itself on providing design-led, formal tailoring and off-duty casuals to stylish men, like your good self, who take a serious attitude towards style.

Their philosophy underpins changing trends with the solid foundations of sharp formal tailoring. By expertly weaving the latest styles into even the most subtle details of each and every collection, Remus Uomo can be summed up with the words, ‘understated sophistication.’ Influenced heavily by a distinctly Italian, effortless cool.

The brand draws on a myriad of influences in the creation of its latest, Winter 2017, collection. The new range encompasses themes and motifs from the Art Moderne movement of the 1930’s and the timeless style of the 1970’s, to deliver a rich and contemporary feel.

The demand for greater comfort in menswear continues to gain momentum and their latest range introduces comfort and flexibility through key layering pieces inspired by elements of this contemporary sports-luxe look.The sports-luxe trend is referenced throughout the collection, which includes jersey outerwear, stretch suiting and modernist shirting. The non-conformist flavour of the new collection is further reflected in the use of bold patterns across the range. Art-deco inspired geometrics are evident across formal and casual tailoring through printed wool fabrics in jackets and also in suit linings. This art-inspired theme makes for simple coordinated looks across the range via shared motifs across shirts and knitwear.
Key designs include houndstooth patterns, deco-inspired geometrics and abstracts in prints and jacquards. This pattern story is evident throughout the collection from tailoring and structured outerwear, jacquard knits, printed shirting, through to more subtle details via trims and linings.

The core masculine colour palette of navy, blue, grey and charcoal are accented and deepened by claret, forest green and a hint of caramel to add seasonal interest across the collection.

To bring function and utility to men’s designer fashion, is not only common sense but a brand ethos many menswear collections out there should adhere to. This is the statement that acted as the foundation for menswear designer brand, Léon Bara. It was launched in April 2015 and released its first collection in Paris in January 2016, Omar Afridi is the Managing and Creative Director.
At the label’s core lies a tension between the fragile and resilient, natural and synthetic, conventional and progressive. They pride themselves on working closely with specialist manufacturers, combining advanced construction techniques and traditional craftsmanship to create clothing defined by versatility, comfort and uncompromising performance.

Cloths and components are sourced from a handful of the world’s most prestigious mills and makers. Fabric follows function – cutting edge performance textiles and traditional tailoring cloths are given equal consideration. Offering a contemporary menswear label combining resilience and utility with refined and progressive aesthetics

Omar believes they exist to provide a progressive and contemporary uniform that can tailor to the needs of the wearer. a uniform relevant for movement through the modern city.

For Winter 2017, the collection is a utopian projection of the present, imagined from a standpoint at turn of the twentieth century. Vernacular workwear and early twentieth century tailoring are re-cast for a naively envisaged world of the future.

River Island has changed, not in a bad way not like when your friend gets a promotion at work kinda way Nor a in a ohhhh remember Concept Man and Chelsea Girl kinda way either. River Island has changed for the better in every conceivable way, particularly their Menswear.

Nowadays your more likely to see them collaborating on exclusive ranges with the likes of the wonderful Lou Dalton, dynamic duo YMC or the wunderkind Matthew Miller. Long gone are the days of them playing second fiddle to other high street counterparts. They have very much set themselves apart and carved out their own individual path on the international fashion retailers spectrum.

Their latest venture is the River Island Man grooming range, a carefully curated edit of, honestly, premium skincare essentials, think far more boutique barber shop than hai karate.

Each product has been uniquely created from essential minerals and oils for the more discerning gentleman.

The range will be available as stand alone products and All body and Face & Beard gift sets, just in time for Christmas lists !!!!

Hero products we found were the the re-energising shower gel with a imbues critic blast of lemon essential oil. Multiple cleansing and purifying benefits will invigorate the skin and provide a refresh and much needed boost to those all too often groggy mornings.

Plus the soothing lip balm offers a refreshing blend of peppermint oils. It offers great protection from the riggers of modern day life, particularly the ever changing harsh weather we are looking experiencing and this balm will fit perfectly in every man bag or pocket.