WORDS BY HITESH DODHIA, Superintendent Pharmacist

It’s that time of year again and parents across the country are bracing themselves for a return to school runs, packed lunches and snotty noses. Come September, British parents routinely shell out vast sums of money to purchase new school uniforms, shiny stationery sets and the flashiest school shoes hoping to ensure maximum ware and avoid any unwanted playground embarrassment.
However, whilst many parents ensure that their kids are prepared for a nationwide bendy ruler shortage, how many of them remember to prepare adequately for the one of the biggest problems associated with the new school year? That is, the range of unwanted illnesses, ailments and medical conditions that become far more prevalent in schools when September comes back around.

When the summer holidays are over and kids are thrust back into buildings with hundreds or even thousands of classmates, there is an increased risk of them coming down with a number of medical issues – including outbreaks of head lice, colds and flu. Add to this the risk of allergies and the rough and tumble of the playground, and these problems should really give food for thought as parents prepare for the year ahead.

Take head lice as an example. The return to school brings children back into contact with dozens of other kids in a very close proximity. Head lice, small wingless insects that jump from scalp-to-scalp when two heads touch, thrive in such an environment, so dads and mums must ensure they keep a keen eye out for the tell-tale symptoms. These include itchy scalps and small black specks either in their child’s hair or on their clothes or pillow. If the unwanted pests are spotted, swift action in the form of a shampoo or gel is essential.

Unexpected medical problems also have a huge bearing on school performance, contributing both to days lost in the classroom and causing millions of pupils across the country considerable difficulty in concentrating. The most common illnesses leading to school absence are the common cold, sore throat, stomach bugs, ear infection and conjunctivitis – for which many suitable treatments exist in your local pharmacy.
What’s more, with kids coming into regular close contact and spending time together outdoors at break time and in P.E. as school is back in session, irritating health problems such as eczema, hay fever, cuts and scrapes risk disrupting a child’s happy school life. Making sure you have a suitably stocked medical cabinet will help combat these medical problems and prevent issues worsening or spreading.

So if parents are preparing for a last-minute dash to buy pens, pencils and rubbers, be sure to consider health-related products to protect children and yourselves from unwanted risks that the return to the classroom can bring.


Just when you think surely the appetite for collaborations must be drying up, you hear of yet another to whet the aforementioned appetite for them. This time in the rather shapely form of Off white x Nike. The name for the collaboration is influenced by the ten sneakers created by the duo, it’s one of the most sort after alliances of recent years and it is due to the absolute dominance of the street wear scene.

The partnership showcases classic silhouettes including the retro Jordan 1 Chicago all the way through to one of their most recent releases in the Nike air vapormax.

Celebrities and social media influencers alike including A$AP Rocky and Luka Sabbat have been seen wearing specifically the Jordan 1. This has built extreme interest surrounding the collaboration after being worn at Paris fashion week.

Off white is primarily known for it’s high end street wear fashion, founded by Virgil Abloh former art director for artists including Jay-Z and Kanye West, the Milan based fashion label has been dominating the luxury streetwear fusion scene since 2014.
Nike on the other hand is one of the world’s most classic sneaker suppliers, consistently leading the way in its industry and now these two power houses are collaborating to create a ten part sneaker collection which is set to take over the streetwear industry.

Separated into two different themes, ‘REVEALING’ which will include the Air Jordan 1, Nike Blazer mid, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Presto and Nike Air VaporMaxich will be pre-released at multiple NikeLab locations during SS18 fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris.
Also the second group ‘GHOSTING’ which will include the Nike air max 97, Nike React Hyper Dunk 2017, Converse Chuck Taylor and Nike Zoom Fly SP and can be found in Nike lab and select stores world wide.

Virgil Abloh himself has been quoted remarking these shoes amongst some of the greatest of all time;
“These 10 shoes have broken barriers in performance and style. To me, they are on the same level as a sculpture of David or the Mona Lisa. You can debate it all you want, but they mean something. And that’s what’s important.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on a deserted love island this Summer, you couldn’t have escaped the escapades and shenanigans of those “loved up” impossibly good looking residents of ITV’s hit show Love Island. Ohhhh please, don’t give me, I don’t know what you are talking about !

Now the stand out individual and just so happened to be winner of the the whole shebang was Kem Cetinay. A young fellow who won over and charmed viewers with his gentlemanly qualities, sense of humour and being an all round good guy.

The next chapter in Kem’s story is unfolding thick and fast right is front of us. Fingers crossed he seems to have found ‘true love’ with fellow contestant Amber then he’s been offered a role presenting on Breakfast TV and now international online e-tailer boohooMAN.com have announced Mr Cetinay as their new UK Brand Ambassador.

Kem said at the recent launch, “I’m delighted to be representing boohooMAN as their first UK Brand Ambassador. We’ve got some big things planned and I’m really excited to get started. Their products are right up my street – there’s so much choice!”

However, there is far more to young Mr Cetinay than first meets the eye and little is talked about his philanthropic ventures, yes you did read that right. Kem is far more than your common and garden reality TV, flash in the pan, celebrity. Yes you may know that Kem is a very accomplished barber but little has been spoken about the good causes that he works with.

Cetinay is already an ambassador for homeless charity Centrepoint and spent a night on the streets last October to raise both awareness and funds for the good cause. But Kem wasn’t always this bright, sparky, confident individual you saw on Love Island. He too has had to fight his own personal battles and unlike other countless reality TV show winners wants to highlight certain issues, like mental health wellbeing amongst young people. Cem knows only too well what a devastating effect this can have on an individual and the people around them. Watch out for this young man not only is the world his oyster but he has a lot, of relevant points, to say.

I wouldn’t say Summer 2017 has exactly been a washout, just it certainly wasn’t a vintage Summer nor will it go down in the record books in any way as a corker. So if you want to prolong, or in some cases start, your Summer, I have the perfect Elixir for you, well fragrance. Genuinely, if you want the scent of the most perfect Summer’s day captured and bottled as a fragrance Acqua di Parma‘s new Colonia Pura is just for you, yes you.

Created as a modern interpretation of their classic, signature scent – the Colonia Pura expresses both the refined heritage of the brand and a fresh modern masculinity. Colonia Pura can claim a proud tradition of refinement and style. Just like the original Colonia of Acqua di Parma, the new Colonia Pura really does manage to captures the joy, cultivation and warmth of the unique Italian way of life. It is an exclusive, masculine scent made for men, with contemporary sophistication and elegance. Created with a youthful edge and a lighter approach to freshness, Colonia Pura is the perfect fragrance for a new generation to discover and delve into the luxury world of Acqua di Parma. With this new approach Colonia Pura is based on the wonders and richness of nature. Sky, sun and picturesque Italian landscapes are a core part of its heritage and source of strength. This is why Colonia Pura was created and packaged with sustainability in mind.

The scent of the new Colonia is warm and sunny with bright citrus hues, inviting natural surroundings and intriguing urban settings. Just like its name, Colonia Pura has a minimalistic aesthetic that focuses on the purity of joy and its modern interpretation.

Crisp and sunny bergamot, combined with juicy orange notes and delicate petit grain accents, brings new light and air into the classical citrus structure of Colonia. Next comes a seducing and alluring vital energy at the heart. The oral lusciousness of narcissus and jasmine absolutes blends with the spicy notes of coriander in an unexpected balance. The warm and sophisticated accents of patchouli and cedar wood encounter at the base the delicate, yet persistent white musk notes. The result is a luminous dynamism that celebrates life, inspires and opens up new vistas of expression.

This new way of thinking is continued as part of the accompanying Ad campaign where the brand has employed the skills, as an ambassador to head up the campaign in the form of British male Supermodel Will Chalker and in unison with the characteristics of this new fragrance he is joined in the campaign alongside his wife Chloe Chalker and their son Arthur Chalker.

Words by Charlie Britton

Here at Clothes Make The Man, we’re always on the look out for new brands. Unlike the Night’s Watch up on The Wall in Westeros, we keep our eyes peeled for exciting and interesting happenings in the world of menswear and once again, it hasn’t disappointed. Excellent Everyday Essentials is the game, is the name.

Form and Thread

It has recently come to our attention that quite a large percentage of frequent shoppers are unaware of costs when it comes to clothing. Brands that you find on your local high street often markup their products by 60 to 70% which might surprise you. After all, these brands are businesses that employ thousands of staff members, have assets to pay for and need to make a profit, but that’s where Form & Thread stand out from the crowd.

With a sole focus on menswear, F&T (Form & Thread) make excellent essentials at common sense prices. The brand thoroughly understands the intimacy we have with our essential garments and takes into account that we wear these everyday and therefore, shouldn’t carry a silly price tag. What’s more, it removes the frustration of badly made product and produces high quality garments that’ll last.

form and thread

From tees and shirts to sweatshirts and socks, F&T produce a full range of essentials for the modern man. Creators Rich Jean and Chris Bell started the brand by producing socks with the sole purpose of creating well made essentials without the high price tag and have done exactly that. The transparency that F&T has with its customers is simply refreshing. You’ll find a ‘Traditional Retail Price’ posted below the garments actual price, which very clearly indicates how F&T removes the unnecessary retail costs you often find with other retailers.

form and thread

We wanted to know a little more about Form & Thread so we sat down with creator, Rich Jean and went through some questions about the brand, it’s ideas and how it has grown to be a successful competitor in the menswear industry;

Q: When did Form & Thread start and what was the foundation for the brand? 

I started Form & Thread late in 2015, mainly through a frustration of having to wait until sale to buy my favourite brands. So many contemporary menswear labels are expensive at full-price, and that’s what we set-out to try and change. To offer an accessible alternative. We started small, with socks as these were a comparatively low-cost product to make. Fortunately we picked up some positive early press, and people seemed to be into the product, so we spent the next year working on the next batch of products. 

Q: What inspired the ‘common sense’ approach to pricing? 

It came from the way my friends, peers and I shopped for clothes. Many of us enjoyed premium, contemporary brands but even with reasonable levels of disposable income would wait for sale to shop them. This prompted conversations about making these products accessible year-round and not just during sale.Having worked in the industry for some time, I had an idea of how much these things cost to make, so I went from there. That underpins what we stand for as a brand.  

Q: What inspired the first collection of products? 

Simplicity really. We use the finest fabrics and materials but don’t over design. We focus on season-less, wardrobe essentials – products that don’t go in-and-out of fashion, and that are relevant year-round. Products that can form the basis of any guy’s wardrobe.

form and thread

Q: What are the biggest challenges you’ve tackled with F&T?

As an online business, reaching enough people to make it work is key, and takes some time. Thats probably been the biggest challenge to date.

Q: How has Instagram had an impact of the brand?

Instagram has been an incredibly powerful tool for us. As a start-up with most people unaware of the brand, we’ve been able to build a group of early adopter types who might not have known who we were otherwise. 
As we haven’t got a shop to offer a tactile experience, where we can communicate the brand, the quality of materials and design has to be reflected in the images and media we relay online. For example, we’ll often share images of minimalist and clean design on Instagram, that reflects the mood of minimalism throughout our product. 

Q: Brand image and aesthetic are becoming increasingly more important, especially with how they are represented online. What has helped create the image for Form & Thread? 

The aim from the beginning was to develop a brand that’s clean, considered and accessible. Having these key pillars in mind has really helped guide us in creating a consistent brand in both the imagery we use and our tone of voice online. 

Q: What’s next for F&T? 

Continue to build the essential wardrobe. We’re working on leg-wear and outerwear currently, with the plan to launch these next year. We’re mindful of not rushing this though. We want to perfect each garment type before we move on to the next. 
form and thread

If you’re looking for some new essential pieces to add to your wardrobe that’ll last, we encourage you to check out the range at . The garments are well produced, sensibly priced and look great, so there’s no excuse as to why you wouldn’t pick up a couple essential pieces that can be worn through the seasons.